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Monday, November 14, 2011

Fabric Fabriques : All about fabric by Scrapaperclip + order from Nurul Aimi

Samples of the fabric brooch !

So colourful right?

Somethings you just cant resist !

19pc rossettes brooch for Aimi to be worn by the bridesmaid and family !

Close up

A combination of pink and lime green ! Each uniques to its design =D Specially made for you =D

This is actually an order from aimi to be made as rossettes. This is how it looks like once worn on the shirt. Bling2 and lime green? So fabulous for a wedding !
More and more of themmmm =D

Suitable for paper decoration or gifts
This is how it's worn by My client's relative for her purchase of the rossettes !

see the rossettes? She is just adorable hehe You can always use them back even after the wedding =)

A handmade fabric brooch with assorted colours..can order in bulk or one unit only. Personally custom-made according to your preference =D
Yesssss..its all about fabric..email me if you wanna know more. Go contact for details !


D.S.R said...

akak, this is soooo comel!! haha nak tempah satu je bole??hehehe

farahD said...

thanks syg ! thanks sgt2 support oke =D

mizz arelida said...

give me ur email

farahD said...

dear my email ade kat contact kat atas tuh la dear.... or alternatively u can email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com

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