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Monday, November 14, 2011

First Post Ever : Personalized Wedding Guestbook for Dr. Aldrin's Sister !

Alhamdulillah....Finally it's launched !!!
I am more than happier to share this moment of delight to all B2B and also bloggers that I am doing my 
FIRTS GIVEAWAY as a way to promote and launch my artwork/photo blog cum website !!

Closing this Thursday 12pm Noon.
A Free A5 size wedding guestbook for 2012 wedding !!!!!!
worth RM180 
Winners will be chosen via random.org. on Friday Morning !!!

All you need to do is :
1. Be a follower.
2. Spread this news in your blog post title Scrapaperclip Giveaway. Simple one will do..No need to write so much. Quick and simple to link your post to mine so that others can participate too.
3. Leave comment here with your link of the post and email address easier for me to notify the winner later.
4. DONE !
5. Only Comments under this particular post will be accepted to join. Other post will be disqualified oke..

Those who wish to exchange link  by copying my button but dont want to participate (probably because you are and ex-bride or merely not interested) will also get the chance to win

a Secret give...

Just copy scrapaperclip button on your right side and paste in your blog and give me your blog link in the comment area with the word Button and email add.
I will go to your blog and visit. Winners will be selected via Random.org.
Sample =  Button : Blog Link: fredyna85@yahoo.com 
If you wanna join both also are welcome...I will check blogs with my buttons , those who have my buttons will be eligible for the Secret Give !

So hurry ! Clock is ticking =D Tick Tock

What so special about Scrapaperclip ?

I dont just design for the event, but I also design taking into the consideration of its function after the event.
So incase if you think my handmade is expensive, better think back coz its worth a life time...Like a scrapbook...the more you keep it, the more vintage it will become.

You can simply hang it, put it on a stand or frame most of my items after use. Go to your nearest frame maker and they will do it for you. The effect is absolutely stunning coz its 3D =D...(timbul2 sikit kan hehe)

Like this mini signage, you can frame the item after use and hang them on the wall =D Dont you think it's romantic? hehe


Wedding of Zurina & Amri ( Order from Dr.Aldrin)

Description :
Handmade Guestbook A4 size with Fabric Hardcover 80sheets/160pages
Full Decoration on front cover.
Personalized inside layout via digital design by Scrapaperclip.
First page welcoming words from Bride and Groom.
Box and wrapping: Vintage style with lace and twines
Theme Colour : Earth Tones with pink heart

Email me more and you will be amazed by what I can do and provide for you !!
Dont forget to Join the Giveaway !!!


Pumpkin Peroz said...

Congratulations of ur web launch..

It's lovely and all the best si comel..

am loving everything that is made by you..=)

Pumpkin Peroz said...

http://bubblegumandcandy.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapaperclip-giveway.html..hehehe..done...saya da buat..hehe..

email add: sulkybear@gmail.com/ fairuzothman_84@yahoo.com

shafika fieka said...

hai..congratulation 4 yr web launch
nway pika join yr contest..



nia ain said...

congrats dear...
ain join gak..


n email ain: purplequinia@gmail.com

~misshuny~ said...

hye...saya pun join gak..



thank u..=)

cik enul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cik enul said...

saya mahu juga!!

~ M.A.H.U join...
~ M.A.H.U menang...
~ M.A.H.U giveaway!!!

smuanyer saya M.A.H.U


email : luvticket@yahoo.com

*anyway, congrats on ur web launch...

D said...

Salam!!wanna join to..
here is my post~


thanks a lotttss~

Unknown said...

salam. jijah here. done dear! jijah join.


email Button:Zezah_misi88@yahoo.com

congrats ur web lunch :)

Shakina Farhan said...

Salam farah,
Semoga scrap@perclip sukses!Since kina punya bertandang tahun depan jd harap boleh join utk kategori b2b..
tp kalau xle join b2b kina join yang exchange button tu pun boleh..sudah link button scrap@perclip..do check it out..:)


email: shakina.farhan@yahoo.com

thanks sebab buat giveaway ni..:)

Ana Lyana said...

salam, saya join..:)


email : anacomey_84@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...


tqvm untuk anda buat giveaway ni..


email: aidahyu@yahoo.com

miz nabila said...

salam..saya join giveaway nie =)


my email: ku_bella@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Salam farah..

congrate for ur new web launched..semoga berjaya..
i'm a new b2b and since wedding majlis next year..so harap dapat join this give away to save budget..hehe..

and 1 more..kalu nak dpt secret give tuh..yang button tu mcm mana yer tak bape paham la..huhu..

anyway just drop my email : elqays@gmail.com

and my link : http://lildrwalimah.blogspot.com/2011/11/wedding-guestbook-for-2012-wedding.html

thanks anjur giveaway ni =)

Dira said...

salam.. sy join :)


email: dira1101@yahoo.com

Seizonsha said...

Hi Farah, love the artwork & design of your handmade guestbook. Wish your new launched website every success in the coming times. Simply talented =D

Here's my blog entry post: http://iblog2win.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapaperclip-giveaway.html

Email address: interwed1@yahoo.com

::CIK LYNN:: said...

cik lynn nak try nasib gk...hehe...kalu ada pape missed, tlg inform ya...tq...


button : lynnhana90@yahoo.com

PN.SaL said...

salam..sal nk try jugak
congrats farah 4 ur web launching...


email : aimeecomel@gmail.com

Nida said...


Mencuba juga bagi pihak adik yang akan melangsungkan perkahwinan tahun depan, Insya Allah.. moga-moga diriku berjaya.. ameeeennnn


email: fuf323@gmail.com

tq and congrats to you :)

natasha said...


congrats on ur launch new blog n thanx 4 opening da contest..i pun nak join jgk contest sis ni...da post pon kat blog,here's the link...


hopefully i will be the winner of ur lovely guestbook!^_^

Anonymous said...

hye farah. congratulations :)
great work. love the art. simple yet gorgeous!
hope you will be successful and produce more great artwork.

so here goes my try *cross fingers*

email: najwa.peyotte@gmail.com

thanks! :)

Syu, Syuhada said...


emel : fadhilahsyuhada@yahoo.com

nice art darl;)

IntaNBerliaN said...



button : zarina_naniey@yahoo.com.my


dilla nadila said...

salam Farah..da join giveaway ni.hope i got my luck here..amiinn~


email : duke281309@gmail.com

neway, congrats fr your web launch.all the best for your bussiness okay =)
thanks sebab buat giveaway nie..really love your work..thanks agaian

Unknown said...

sy pn nk joinz;D


Cik Una said...

hi, sy dh join :)

email nurulhusna.ar@gmail.com

mizzbudget said...

owh..mau..mau..mau..giveaway yang comey..hope ada rezeki..


mizzbudget said...

eh..lupe plak..congratz for the web launching

affafkusayang said...

saya join juga


♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...

Salam.Join!.Congratulations of ur web launch.Really love your work!



Cikrosecute said...




sushi-writer said...

Creative :)

simple as it says. here's the link to my blog:

kaklong said...

kak long suke...

terus kak long follow...thnks 4 sharing! :)

Gee said...

Salam Farah;

u have a very good product, harap farah makin success.

Nie link gee:

button and email:haszie0508@gmail.com

raihana said...



Anonymous said...

salam farah...

Button : missdayu.blogspot.com : aidahyu@yahoo.com

Aimi Hakim said...

salam farah, dah join contest ni..majlis insyaallah jan tahun depan.. ni link die.

link :http://akemiey.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapperclip-giveaway-guesstbook.html

emel : hanakimiey@gmail.com

dah link jugak dekat button scrap@perclip

button : http://akemiey.blogspot.com/ : hanakimiey@gmail.com

wish u gud luck n congratulations!!

tQ dear >_<

iqawangi said...


iqawangi said...


YaMie said...

nak join dua-dua2 boleh? hehehehe

ok dah siap


button plak: http://misikerjakawin.blogspot.com/
emel : sweetboutme@gmail.com

thank you

Honey Sakura @ eiMyLiciOus said...



button & email : ohbulan.honey@gmail.com

oshinz said...

hai sis,

kite join tau.

link: http://oshinz86.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapaperclip-giveaway-free-guestbook.html

email: backstreet_orange@yahoo.com.my

thanks eh.. =)

tqahmisdar said...

dah join >_<



nuraien said...

hye kak farah..
i try my luck..Hope sudilah jengah-jengah..=)


Sal~Asyraf said...

wahhhhh bestnya~ totally a blog yang i akan make my favorite list~ totally inspiring...mana tau bleh deal dgn u for my wedding next year...<3<3

Anonymous said...

joined,,,folow as pink vampire


Shayra said...

Hye sis! I've already joined.. for both Giveaway and Button! take a look.

My blog : http://hitched-shayra.blogspot.com

Blog link for Giveaway : http://hitched-shayra.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapaperclip-giveaway.html

My email : shayra2688@yahoo.com

kaklong said...

Salam Cik Farah yang creative n inovatif..terbaik hasil tgn u..

kak long sgt teruja dan menarik perhatian, nice sgt u nyer semua hasil seni!

pe pun, kak long try dah join giveaway u..hope we still keep in touch ya' :)


kak long nyer email : lindashahimi@gmail.com

thnks darling coz give us peluang keemasan to join this giveaway! ;)

BLuRpL3 said...

Salam Ukhuwah..

We already join it

Our blog : http://blurplediary.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapaperclip-giveaway-foc-worth-rm180.html

our email : sharulhanisah@gmail.com

Again....TQ so much...

Unknown said...

in love with your works..everything the cards, guestbook and the button!!!

here my link: http://uyarayza.blogspot.com/2011/11/wedding-scrapperclip-guestbook.html

email: uyarayza@gmail.com

godd luck dear hehe..hope to see more artworks from u ;)

BLuRpL3 said...

Salam Ukhuwah Again..

Button :
Blog Link: http://blurplediary.blogspot.com/
email : sharulhanisah@gmail.com

Nuha hayati said...

salam farah, congrats for ur website launching. sangat impressed with ur creativity. :)
nuha nak join jgk.




nuraien said...


maaplah kak farah,aien leh tertinggal emel lak..=)

ini emel aien..


daripada b2b jb..=)

mizzbudget said...

hye..mau join special give plak la..hehe..

SitiHalisa [Lysa] said...

B2B from Selangor :)

email : munchkinlysa@yahoo.com

asyida said...



blog link:


nice artwork dear!

SitiHalisa [Lysa] said...

Joined Secret Give pulak :PP

Button : http://matekucingnakkawin.blogspot.com
Email : munchkinlysa@yahoo.com

asyida said...

this time around nk joined yg secret GA plak..

Button : http://kisahbakalseorangisteri.blogspot.com/

email :


||ina dinzly|| said...

congrates on your web launching...!! Nice one..
btw, i'm joining ur GA oke...hehe


emel: ina_dinzly@yahoo.co.uk

ninie comey said...

tahniah sis...nice blog!

sy join gak GA nih :) dan jugak Button..sudi2 la ke blog sy


emel: tulipmerahjambu@ymail.com

raihana said...


email: raihana2248@yahoo.com


Atiqahtuty said...


Hai, tahniah untuk pelancaran website ni dan GOOD LUCK ye!

Nak join giveaway jugak. Bawah ni details saya ye :)

Link: http://atiqahtuty.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapaperclip-giveaway.html

email: n_ati88@yahoo.com

button: http://atiqahtuty.blogspot.com : n_ati88@yahoo.com

fazlien said...

sy nk join giveaway & secret give ni..=)

Button : Blog Link:http://beeflyingtohoney.blogspot.com/2011/11/assalamualaikum.html

email : qibilynn@yahoo.com

thanks dear..=D

Anonymous said...

sory lupa bg email..thanx 4 remind me ye farah xoxo

email: kesehsuchi@gmail.com


sayagilamakan said...



Rina Lia (◕‿◕)✿ said...


nama saya rina :)

saya nak join giveaway tu


dan juga button

Button : http://rinastories.blogspot.com

Button : http://rinawardrobe.blogspot.com


saya harap dapat bertukar banner dengan blog bisnes saya di http://rinawardrobe.blogspot.com

thanks!! :)

.:.farayhasukri.:. said...

wah..terujenye i join nih...
kalula dpt..sonotnye...ehe


email : effa_gurl@yahoo.com

thanx farah! <3

syuhaidah said...

salam..congrat on ur launching new web..
sy join jgk contest ni..


email : iesya_sweetie@yahoo.com

tq ;)

LyEaDz said...

hai. awak sangat creative. cantik! :)
ni link blog saye ye...:p


email : lyeadz@yahoo.com.my

anyway tahniah! :)
semoga success okay!

cik tie@ibtisam said...

dear~ i try luck ya~ tq~


Atiqah Ahmad said...

dear. this is mine. :)


my email - atiqah.ahmad@gmail.com

dhiera zainudin said...

saya join. dah follow semalam.

link : http://dhiera-nak-kahwin.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapaperclip-giveaway.html

emel : dhieranottie@gmail.com

Qiela said...

salam, first time masuk giveaway.


email : syakilla.purple@gmail.com

ilaSham said...

Done by me ;-)



A Z R E E N said...

Dah join :)
Harap ada luck.


email: azreenshafie@gmail.com

puan.mila said...



email: damielgirls@gmail.com


+ Diyana J. + said...

Salam Miss Farah,

I would love to be in the running too! \*0*/ i'd die to have one of your GBs with me.

Please feel free to visit: http://miszannad.blogspot.com/2011/11/scrapperclip-giveaway.html

Just in case, my email: miszannad@gmail.com ;)

Keep on rockin'!

FarEast said...

Salam Dear,

Faiz join gak.. sempat lagi kan.. eheheh

here my link....


button pun faiz letak gak taw...

email : noorfaizah.ahmadpuaad@gmail.com

Si Petite said...

Button: http://patheticpetite.blogspot.com/ : kazumi_7angels@yahoo.com

Glory jane said...

hwa... terlepas dah

Unknown said...

Mahu join jugak!!!!!

Harapnya masih sempat..


Unknown said...

alamak...lupa nk kasik email address...


skali lagi, ni linknya:


farahD said...

Thanks all lovelies ! For the tremendous participation...COngrats to all even though the winner is only one but to me those who participated already halfway to winning it...so lets pray that your luck will be on your side...thanks and keep supporting Scrapaperclip !

Yanoooot said...
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