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Monday, November 14, 2011

Full Package Guestbook for Siti nasuha

Sounds so chirpy Friday Morning.
Practically its the weekend.

Plus I have something new to share....my recent works on Wedding's Artwork!
No more talks and words...lets see the photos installed just for you =DDD

These installment comes in 3 parts according to my client's name =D

Wedding Vow Card - 3 pages

Comes in the colour of pastels...the card itself is in very light pastel peach..so its matching with the purple and pink pastels =D

Pastel Wedding Guestbook

kindly ignore that wrong year...supposed to be 2011 =(

With ribbons and flowers =D

Comes with tabs (sub divide the pages to 3 sections : family, relatives and friends)

First page with welcoming words from bride and groom =D

Some personal sketch for tabs =D
Comes in the set of 2 =D with matching colours and themes =D


 Testimony From Nas
Thanks so much Farah, sangat2 suka ....both...card match sangat dengan decoration hantaran  Nas, Thanks tau faham apa yang Nas nak =D


I hope you have enjoyed all the 3 parts of updates and my recent works =D
Anything can email me directly at fredyna85@yahoo.cm

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