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Monday, November 14, 2011

Guestbook for Jun and Magnet tags for Intan

Feeling a lil mellow shallow coz it's raining cats and dogs outside.

Just to share of my recent works...completed early last week..only today get to published.

This guestbook I sponsored for a dear friend's wedding...was trying to enhance my skills on the patterns, finally am able to finish one and kinda happy with the outcome since its the first try ( try and error indeed)...same colour I used for Siti Nasuha's Wedding Guestbook. Only with a different touch.


Mini Tags with Magnet !

As you can see on the photos...a sample of close up mini tag and a sample how the magnet looks like at the back of the tags...

Pretty Colourful dont you think?

Loving it to bits ! Assorted Colours and patterns; an order from Intan Nor. She wanted Credit Card Size Mini tags of Thank You in 30 units ! Thats alot right? But I had fun playing with the colours =D

Email me and you gonna like it....

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