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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guestbook for Nurmalis =)

This one is pretty urgent.
Didnt get to design much, so the patterns are simple.
She wanted something Fuschia but at the last minute definitely cant fulfill her requirement so I replaced with pastel pink instead, my fav !

Jom tengok !

Description :
A5 size handmade guestbook with fabric hardcover + 100sheets/200pages of 80gsm paper (empty sheet)
Front cover deco + First page wedding words from Bride n groom
Box and wrapping 

This time I made a handmade doily with craft paper...I think it turned out very well though it is not sophisticated like the original doily paper =)

I have incorporated with my fav lace as well.....
Lets see my first attempt :

What do you think? Do you like them? 
Email me for more oke....I can do just anything that you can imagine. !

If you are in penang I also take orders for box and wrapping...especially this christmas...so email me ok =))

Cheerios !!



kalu nak buat untuk my aniverserry boleh tak?

farahD said...

Dear I boleh buat apa2 occasion pun...email me the details oke =D and sample mcm mana u nk buat oke =)

-ain- said...

farah, nk tny, kalo nk booking,guestbook nie, nk kene brape lame ek b4 wedding ek?? =)

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