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Monday, November 14, 2011

Guestbook for Nurul and Nuril

Hola Ladies and Gentlemen !

Finally I am able to publish the outcome of my personalized guestbook for Nurul Aini Zakaria.
Its in a lil budget...but trying my best to design most from the budget allocated.
In the theme of black and blush pink....frankly I kinda like the outcome..well not trying to be proud , but I am glad that I can complete the item in just a few days...fuh !

For more details of the basic guestbook can go to here 
Now let me present to you the not so fancy guestbook for Nurul and Nuril 's Wedding !

 Yes this is the front cover...heart shape quilled with paper.

 hand written tabs....include family-relatives-friends..to make it look more natural and homey =D

 More of the close-up

 First page note...simply friendly and home-coming hehehe with a lil sketches of a cartoon couple and soem wordings

 Close up

 Yes, it comes with wrapper and a nice box - where you can store and to make sure that ur guestbook is well kept.

Ready to go  !
How do you find it ? Hope she likes it as much as u do...(hope so heheh )

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