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Monday, November 14, 2011

Mini Signage for Sue Zela : Love like Pink

Dearest All, 

Presenting 'Love like Pink !'

FYI, Mini signage is actually my idea to drive people to write on the guestbook that you have provided on the table. It is indeed my creative idea to make your guestbook corner looks more interesting. I havent seen such mini signage before....so I invented it for all soon to be brides, so they can put them at the corner and infact frame them after use.
2 in 1 use indeed =)

The full version of the item =))
This time around I used pink theme as to oppose the theme given to me by the soon-to-be-bride, Sue !
I think it suits her well since the photo she gave me too is indeed in pink !

Interested to have the item just like her? Email me and you would be surprised  !
See contact for Details

Oh btw I can apply the same method on almost anything.be it guestbooks or greeting cards, signage for any multi-purpose, frame....even at places you tot impossible ! 
That's what it meant by ' BE CREATIVE' !

That's all for now...will update more on the up-coming guestbook which I have designed in and out..yes in and out meaning..the front cover and the inside pagess too...custom-made for a client ==)) 

Have A nice weekend... in advance =))
p/s tot of watching the thing at GSC heheheh

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