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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Photo Album for Noor Aini

Hi peeps,
Remember I was working on this photo album...
I've been sick on and off for sometime but somehow I have to get this done since its coming to its dateline.

This is in fact my second photo album made for a customer. Before this I have made for Fadzila, you can read on this post here under customized album =D

Anyway same as Fadzila, I am using the photo album made from natural materials to make it look more old antique, which consist of :

10 sheets / 20 pages with 2 slots of 4R photos each page (40pc of 4R photos can be included)
The front cover is made of natural materials like dried leaves, bark trees and etc.
Good album coz its very strong and can stand on its own for display purposes too =D

As for the client, she wants me to decorate without having the photos included coz she wants to place on her own. So I did some kind of a random border and some default borders. 
This album I decorated :
** The front cover.
5** 5 pages with main decorations with embellishments and some sketches and wordings.
** The balance 15 pages I decorated using default borders for her future photos to be placed inside the album.
** 1 box and wrapping.
 ** All items are 100% handmade by me except for the album

So here's the photos for more details and elaborations!

 ~ The front cover ~

~ I designed the front cover to look more like soft grunge style with red paper roses and glittering leaves and some wordings to commemorate their journey in their marriage - 100% handmade by me from the roses to the wordings =D ~

 ~The first page. Client is free to explore the placement of photos according to the designed border ~

~ 2nd page decoration with some paper flowers and stamps and wordings too ~

 ~ 3rd page with some 3d embellishements ~

 ~ 4th page with paper flowers again and some wordings ~
~ 5th page ~

~ both photos above are the 2 defautl borders for the balance of 15 pages =D ~ She can add more later in in the future~

~ Ready to be delivered to client's house : with of course some mini white rose tag and parcel string complete the whole packaging ~

As I have mentioned earlier... this album is definitely worth buying...decoration on the display cabinet makes it perfect for newly wed !!!!!!

Interested ? Kindly email me =)

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