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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The winner of Giveaway and The Secret Give !!!

Hi lovelies !
I'm sorry for delaying the Giveaway draw...so now I am back with the list of participants and the results !!!
A total of 65 participants join the Giveaway and 23 who joined the Secret Give !!
I just wanna thank from the bottom of my heart for all the support that I have received through out. I am so lucky to have such readers and followers who actually appreciates the work of an art and thanks again for all your heart warming and wonderful comments and feedback oke.

InsyaALLAH I will have more and more interesting and hot Giveaway soon...
Without delay let see who are the lucky one !!!!

Below are those who participates the Giveaway =))

GiveAway Participants :
3. ni@ @in  
8.  K.I.N.A
17. Nida

30. Gee

34. yamie 
36. oshinz
38.  nuraien
40. shayra

42. BLuRpL3 
46. asyida

55. LyEaDz
58. dhiera


And the winner goes to ? !!!!

 it's no  11 !!!!! 

Congrats to Miz Nabilaa !!!!


Secret give winner will be receiving goodies from Scrapaperclip which I will have a special post on it soon oke to reveal it. 

Secret Give Partcipants :

 1.Cik Azizah :: http://nurazizahyahaya.blogspot.com
2. Miss Dayu   :: http://missdayu.blogspot.com
3. mrs irmidrza to be ::  http://lildrwalimah.blogspot.com/
4. Seizonsha :: http://iblog2win.blogspot.com
5. . ::CIK LYNN:: http://lynnlinda.blogspot.com/

6.  Nida :: http://alongnidar.blogspot.com
7.  IntaNBerliaN :: http://intanberliangacontest.blogspot.com
8.  mizzbudget :: http://mizzbudget.blogspot.com
9.  ♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥: http://azatiesayang-contest.blogspot.com
10. Gee :: http://geediaries.blogspot.com

11.  miey anna ::  http://akemiey.blogspot.com
12. YaMie :: http://misikerjakawin.blogspot.com
13. Honey Sakura @ eiMyLiciOus  :: http://www.cheritera3march.co.cc
14.  Shayra :: http://hitched-shayra.blogspot.com
15. BLuRpL3 :: http://blurplediary.blogspot.coml

16. UyaRayza :: http://uyarayza.blogspot.com
17.  nuha hayati :: http://nuhahayati.blogspot.com
18. Lysa Jai  :: http://matekucingnakkawin.blogspot.com
19. asyida ::  http://kisahbakalseorangisteri.blogspot.com
20. fazlien :: http://beeflyingtohoney.blogspot.com

21. Rina Lia (◕‿◕):: http://rinastories.blogspot.com
22. FarEast  :: http://mylifemytreasure-noorfaizah.blogspot.com
23.  Si Petite ::  Button: http://patheticpetite.blogspot.com

 It's no  6 !!!!! 

Congrats to Nida !!!!
To those winners Congratulations !!!!  it's really random so those who didnt win dont be sad, coz if you are interested in purchasing any items from Scrapaperclip just let me know by informing me your participation no and you will enjoy free delivery !!! 

Winner will be notify via email for detail oke !! So stay tuned =)
Have A Nice Week Ahead...will inform you further about my interview ('',)
Cheerios !

p/s Tomorrow I'll be updating some new items on the website so stay tuned !


FarEast said...

luck not at my side.. huhuhuh

tahniah pada yang menang.... :)

miss farah.. t wat la lagi GA.. ehehehe

farahD said...

Dear Fareast..InsyaALLAH dear will make one soon oke ! Just for all my lovely readers n followers =D Thanks participate oke =)

nia ain said...

congrats utk yg menang....
utk yg xmenang cam ain n t kite cube lg ek(^___^)

LyEaDz said...

ala tak menang. :( tapi takpe, tahniah pd yg menang! :)

fazlien said...

congrate to winner..=D

Unknown said...

congratz winner..xde luck jijah la..huhuhu

Nida said...

Alhamdulillah... ada nama Kak Nida tersangkut..

Thanks Farah.. semoga semakin melimpah ruah rezekimu... syukurrrrr...

Kak Nida menunggu email dari Farah... :)
(fuf323@gmail.com). Terima kasih sekali lagi.
Tahniah juga buat pemenang.

Qiela said...

tahniah. not my luck maybe.

Honey Sakura @ eiMyLiciOus said...

tahniahhh pada pemenang...*wink*

ilaSham said...

Congrats to the winner...i'm not the lucky in this GA...

dhiera zainudin said...

tahniah nida!

Nuha hayati said...

ala x menang..anyhow congrats to the winners! farah buatla lagi giveaway k..kami sume suke. hehe

farahD said...

To all yg participates, jgn sedih2 oke..InsyaALLAH tak lama lagi mungkin akan buat lagi GA tp maybe awl tahun depan dan hadiah yg berlainan..so doa2kan la dipercepatkan oke..as much as u love me doing GA, farah pun suka jgk bg hadiah kat org ni hehe

Thanks for support girls..I love you all...far and near...stay in touch n always keep up to date ek.Muahhh

miz nabila said...

its me...hehehehe...tq farahD...tq 4 this contest...wah2 seronoknya..first time join d contest...tq..=)

BLuRpL3 said...

bestnye menang contest. congrats to the winner!..farah nnt buat contest lg ye =)

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