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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Board Ernie

You must be wondering what is the Wedding Prop/Board or signage looks like?
This particular design of mine can be a multi-purpose item.

You can hang it or simply place it on the table for all sorts of decoration like Guestbook table, or as A Welcoming Signage at the Entrance or perhaps you can also use it as wedding prop for photo shootings =D

The best thing about this item is that even after your wedding is finally done, you can still use this as a decoration in your house. How do you do it? Simply frame it and thats it; ready to be placed in your master bedroom or living hall =D

Lets see how it looks like =D

Above are the few options I did to play around...this theme is slightly contemporary ...

But I've finally resort into this one below since she wanted it to be used as wedding prop for shooting and guestbook table.  So I've designed something contrast yet vintage.

Red becomes the main attraction; a symbolic of 2 hearts becomes 1 =D

My handmade roses painted in glossy silver and creme to stress the vintage of elegance theme =D. Attached together are words and phrases of love and devotion; act as the leaves for the roses =D

More close=ups =D
Testimony from client; Ernie
Farah, sy dah terima board + kad hari ni, thank you, i love it so much..
xsabar dah nk guna board tu,tetiba td dtg idea kalo letak kat pelamin pon cantek kan? kalo ada space leh letak nnt,mmg nk letak la.. ;);)

kad birthday pon suka,xsabar nk tunggu his birthday on october, i'm sure he will like it..
sy suka kerja awk,sgt teliti n kemas..i really appreciate hasil kerja yg kemas.
owhh packaging pon sgt interesting, ada tag gitu.thanks farah, u made my day!


So did you like the outcome ? For more email me =))

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