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Monday, December 26, 2011

Fabric Rosettes for Nuraimie Shazren and Myself =)

Hows holiday?
Mine...? erm a bit tiring...been to KL-Kajang-Seremban-Lenggeng, then back to Seremban- KL then back home to penang.
Arrived past midnight...what a drain =(

This was supposed to be an automatic published entry but then I cancelled. Feel like posting a new entry.
So last2 weekend I managed to pull myself some new rosettes design..Alhamdulillah just in time for her wedding and my kenduri in Kajang (attending my cousin's engagement) since my baju kurung is so plain so I wanted to add a lil something like my handmade brooch =)

Let's take a look at the designs, almost similar but different if close up =)

Fabric Rosettes for Flower Girl 
Order from Nuraimie Shazren =)

She ordered additional 2 men's pin and also fabric rosettes for her flower girl =)

I am using the pink fabric, with crystal and some net =)

Of course attached at the back is the brooch pin and some brown felt =)

Do you like them? =)

Fabric Rosettes for myself

This is one is slightly special...=) a prototype I made for myself.
Compared to Nuraimie Shazren, the back of the brooch I cut put a heart shape felt and attached pin to it..and of course some matching ribbon to spice it up.

I use the leftover fabric which is at the edge where you can see all the threads are coming out...giving a sense of texture and style to the rosettes =)

I also attached a matching crytals and sprayed net to enhance the colours and texture

As you can see, my baju kurung is so plain I need something to style it with...so there it goes; my handmade fabric brooch...can be worn almost anywhere you want it to be...you back pack, your pensil case etc =)

So interested email me (the details are at the contact above the webpage)
Hope you like my new and humble creation =)

Muahh have a lovely week ahead !!!!


Rina Hamid said...

cantik..how much utk stiap satu?

farahD said...

thanks rina, the price varies from rm6-rm12 depending on apa finish up touch up dia =)

As for the one in this pic RM6 for nuraimie shazreen dan rm8 for mine =)

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