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Friday, December 9, 2011

Farah Photography : Experiment Lab

 This special section is a dedication of my work on photography : Farah Photo Lab
I think this is my first post on Farah Photography...right?
Farah Photo Lab is actually samples & work I have done, plus some experiment + techniques which I used in the editing. 
p/s you can read my About on top of this blog for more what this Scrapaperclip is all about oke (^^)

Although, I personally dont agree that photos should be editted. If we edit too much on the photo, the essence of the moment captured will be indirectly altered and the value of the real moment is not there anymore. Especially for wedding photos, I dont really fancy these kind of techniques done on wedding photos. Techniques like vintage, lomo or the fun colour base I am about to share is only suitable for photos other than weddings...do you agree with me?

I love wedding photos like Anna-Rina. Not much edit, purely moment capture photographer. She is in fact my Idol when it comes to wedding photos. I really wish she could be my  OP when I wed heheheh.

Oke so now what  I am about to share is nothing related to wedding. Not even close !
It is a super fun editing techniques that I have been using as a form of experiement. Pretty easy when you have actions uploaded in photoshop =) I thought maybe I should post some unpublished photos of my journey everywhere else using some new found techniques.

And I can tell, that I am loving this new technique...looks retro and vintage. I love lomo effect, been saving to get my hands on the Diana F+ Lomo camera...might be one of my wish list next year !!

Enjoy the many faces of me =)

Some of the photos are like sunny and warm tone, others more or less like a vintage style effect.
Hope you like the editing !

Have a nice Weekend...mine would be definitely pack with activities, and some work on Social Impact Assessments report to be done and submit on Monday =(
If you want me to personally edit your photos just email me ok for the price =)

Hugs and More Hugs !!

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