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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A good printing shop in Penang

I've been keeping this as a draft for sometime, only today able to publish it.
Almost forgot about it actually =)

Yes, it's my new namecard....actually I received the namecard just in time for my interview with Food Digest Magazine....you can read about it here : Link

The searching starts like the end of October. I have been to Sungai Dua, USM area, Georgetown and many places more..some give good price but the quality not like I was expected, some have the quality but it's a lil pricy...so many reasons and excuses I gave for not trying to settle down with the search.

Main reason : I still believe I can get good quality with affordable price !

and so they said if you believe, you definitely will find the way.
It's proven !
While I was looking for something else (window shopping actually)..on the way to Gurney Drive, we drove in front of this printing shops along Jalan Burmah...there are a lot of printing shops surprisingly (hahaha).
Been driving there like a thousand times but I couldnt care less about the shops there. 
So on that one fine day, I looked to my left and told my other half, hey this shop looked good coz they had like a sweet landscpae design in front of their office ( it's actually a house turned into an office). I didnt know why my heart whispered to me that this could be the one...haha sounding like a love story eh? So we stopped there to take a look in the first place..haha in the end, we got the deal (without even thinking that I actually had to pay 70% deposits for confirmation of the order - luckyly I tagged my other half along) .

A search that could have been only a day, took almost like the entire month. Just to find a good and affordable company. Haih. I dont know what will happen If I need to find a vendor for my wedding hahahahahah =)

Good things always comes later right? Soon as the company called me to pick up the card, I was ecstatic !! Excited +  nervous + paranoid coz this is your first designed name card and you'll probably have no idea how good it will turn out....I am afraid that the quality is not as promised/up to standard of differ than the original design and colour.


Surprised  ! Surprised !! (sounding like Lisa Suirhani in Ombak Rindu haha)

Ordered 3 boxes ~ very nice packaging...different than other shops surprisingly they support GoGreen Campaign !

The look of front and back of the name card...laminated namecard...the colour is 100% the same like I have designed !

I was so happy to see the outcome...plus the ever green packaging ! It was totally awesome ! 
Alhamdulillah, A dream come true....

With the purchase of 3 boxes = 300pc of namecards, thick and laminated at only RM90 total, I get this great quality card. Totally worth investing.

If you are in Penang, take a visit to this shop. They also offer good customer service, wedding invites printing, all sorts of cards and postcards, etc....

The detail of the company incase you are interested =)

Truly 100% satisfaction...I am so grateful =)


Honey Sakura @ eiMyLiciOus said...


eimy pun tgh cari kedai2 print yg murah kat area penang nie sbb nk print kad jemputan kan...thanks dear for sharing!!!

farahD said...

heheh murahkan dear ? tuhlaaaa nasib jumpa kedai ni. puaih mencari heheh alhamdulillah the outcome is good too..

nnt dh dpt tempah buat entry pasti sy terjah hehe

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