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Monday, December 5, 2011

Guestbook and Mini Signage Set for Nuraimie Shazren

Yes this one particular order kind of old coz I have actually finished this item earlier but I didnt get the chance to upload...
This set of wedding guestbook is a request ordered from Nuraimie Shazren who wanted to have something similar to my previous client : Siti Nasuha 

However the theme she wanted was more on English style...but to have both guestbook and mini signage using the same style, I think it's a bit bulky so I opt to combine 2 deco that compliment each other...
I guess I kinda like the outcome =)
Especially the love ~ the heart~

So let's enjoy the latest dish !


Guestbook :
A5 Handmade Guestbook with fabric hardcover + 100sheets/200pages of 80gsm empty paper.
Front cover deco + First page welcoming speech + 3 side tabs for division
Box and wrapping 

Mini Signage:
A5 size board with cover + Decoration + photo attachment.

Do you like them, sorry if the pic is a lil blurr....I need my DSLR back !!! come home to mummy okee..Quick =(

Anyway, if you like them and want to have one for yourself email me oke ! The best quality with the best price in town definitely =)

~Toodles ~


Unknown said...

cant wait!!!! hehehe

farahD said...

dear you cant wait for yours? heheh need sometime to get ur pattern done..pretty challenging. hehe =) stay in touch darl.

Unknown said...

love this so much!!

how much for both?
how much if only for mini signage??
email pls.

farahD said...

Dear Mynameismy please check your email yea =) Thankss =))

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