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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Men's Pin and Paper rosettes for Nuraimie Shazren !

The other day, on sms she wanted to have rosettes but off her limited budget. 
So I proposed to her that instead we used fabric for rosettes why not we try something else and...
she agreed ! She also wanted to have something different for the guys as most of them dont prefer the fabric rosettes coz it looks too girlish for them to wear.

So I was thinking the other day, with her limited budget and she wanted something different for the guys too I come out with this idea !!

Men's Pin and Paper Rosettes !!

Yup Men's Pin is the alternative wear for rosettes especially for the guys and now I can make rosettes not only with fabric but also paper !
For men's sake I did something more ragged..like using burlap as the background and probably tried to make the item look a lil bit rustic.

Let's see how the creation looks like =)

She ordered 5 men's pin and 7 paper rose rosettes 

Here's the close ups !
Men's Pin (Alternative rosettes for men =P )

The paper I crumpled a lil just so to give some texture but not so much to it. Erm probably you dont see it much here -(

How it is worn on the shirt.. you can actually pin it elsewhere after the event..so sustainable dont you think ? hehe

Paper rose rosettes for women

How it is worn on the shirt.. you can actually pin it elsewhere after the event..so sustainable dont you think ? hehe


How do you like my new creations ? Browse for alternative rosettes under the label =)

The packaging waiting to be delivered by hand after Friday Prayer =)

Email me for more (see contact for details)
Happy Flyday !!!!


kaklong said...

suke! :)

farahD said...

thanks kak long =) ! hehe

Unknown said...

OMG! so cute!! kenapa keluar lambat?? I dah order wedding button badge.. T_T


farahD said...

alahai yeke mai? aiseh takpe incase u nk order utk special ppl boleh jek =)

Renee Meow said...

wow..!! sgt awesome... ;)

farahD said...

aww thanks renee meow =) keep coming will be having more updates =)

Unknown said...

They'll still be recycled no matter how small the pieces

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