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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What 's so special about Scrapaperclip !

I have always wanted to review my works.

So today it's Thursday, I'm gonna share my previous works, the outcome and photos taken by my clients during the wedding =), thanks to them for the co-operations (usually it's hard to get the photos coz sometimes they forgot, their OP is not ready and etc, so after sometime I also forgot to ask from them)

Here in Scrapaperclip

1.  I dont usually repeat the design 100%, This is where the exclusiveness of our client's design comes in. 

2. I also dont usually use ready made embellishments...hardly. Most of my items are 100% handmade, from the book to the decorations. When I make the items, I usually take it from A to Z from the design to the embellishments and arrangements.

3. All ideas are 100% by me.

4. However some ideas are inspired by other crafters around the globe (who doesn't right?)

5. Most of my handmade artwork are designed not only for the use of during wedding/occasions but I take into considerations of the item after usage/event ~ I want to make sure your investment in my artworks worth while so when you purchase it's not just about the price and money, but it is also about satisfaction.

6. So most of my items can be used later like you can frame the items, use it as home decor or just about anything. You can get the advice for FREE once you purchased the item.

So let me show you some which I managed to take from my clients =)

The Review : 

This is a sample of my collage wedding photo...Order from Nurul Aini Zakaria. This is absolutely a new style for home decor. As big as the size of A10. 
She ordered and asked to customized this photo to be made as her bed's head wall photo.Alternatively you can frame and hang it anywhere in the house.

See my Digital Collage photos label for more info.

 This is an order from Junainah.. She requested the mini signage and I also sponsored her wedding guestbook.
Looks like an english style deco right?
p/s ignore the tissue she left on the table hehehe

 Aimi ordered 19pc of fabric rossettes. This is one of her niece I think wearing the brooch..The best thing about this design is that, you can wear it even after the wedding..on your tudung/shawls or put it on you bag pack..just anywhere...stylish and so evergreen =) 

See me wearing my own fabric brooch for the interview...nice eh?

 This mini signage if you can see on your left side...is also an order from Aimi...the colours I used is so matching...exactly like what I have imagined before =) Nice deco girl !

 This is a special request from Siti Nasuha. She wanted to write her vows to her husband and put it on the hantaran (if you can see the card right at the center of this photo) so I've made her a special card with a few pages inside for her to write down her romantic vows.

This is one of the earliest guestbooks I have made. An order from Nurul Aini Zakaria =) So flowery; her guestbook table deco... =), my guestbook looks a lil outstanding coz of the colour =)

Some Testimonials (most of my testimonials are from facebook or via sms (^^,) ):

From Ruzaida :  TQ to Farah Diyana for superb "GUEST BOOK".. sape2 b'minat plz contact cik farah diyana on FB oke.. tgn die very2 creative.. mmg puas ati.. :-)))

From Nas : Thanks so much Farah, sangat2 suka ....both...card match sangat dengan decoration hantaran  Nas, Thanks tau faham apa yang Nas nak =D

From Ernie : Farah, sy dah terima board + kad hari ni, thank you, i love it so much..
xsabar dah nk guna board tu,tetiba td dtg idea kalo letak kat pelamin pon cantek kan? kalo ada space leh letak nnt,mmg nk letak la.. ;);)

kad birthday pon suka,xsabar nk tunggu his birthday on october, i'm sure he will like it..
sy suka kerja awk,sgt teliti n kemas..i really appreciate hasil kerja yg kemas.
owhh packaging pon sgt interesting, ada tag gitu.thanks farah, u made my day!

From Bella :   I got what i've been waiting since yesterday...tq Farah Diyana . Thanx dear...the result is awesome! I like it so much...


So  purchase what ever product from Scrapaperclip. it's totally worth it, every single penny spent ! 
For more of the photos just click on the names of my previous clients and you will be directed to the link  =)
Enjoy !!! 

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