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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabric Fabrique Catalogue 2

This is my second catalogue on fabric fabrique.
A continuity from this first catalogue : Fabric Fabrique catalogue 1

This is more of a budget fabric flowers except for Lacey + Fabric Rosie.
This is only Prototype oke.

I am using scrap from leftovers to make the new type of flower so to show you all the main deco before finalizing with extra embellishments, brooch pins and etc.

This fabric flowers not only suitable for brooches or rosettes, but it can be use to almost anything like deco on book cover, bookmark, gift wrapping just anything. You let me know and I'll design for you.
It can be even made as fabric bouquets !
You can made it as a deco in your house, a stylish pin to wear on your cardigan/coat just about anything.

Just like how I wear it =)

So lets take a look at all of the new items.

 Using mostly ribbons + felt + some  fabric

 I love this pin wheel especially so cute if you turn it into a brooch! So stylish !

 My fav pin wheel ! Down below I am wearing my own pin wheel brooch. Love it to bits..so suitable with your cardigan =)

 Made of only ribbon and button as center piece.

Small ribbons and buttons/ crystal as center piece.

However below are the not so budget fabric flowers coz the material used is not so much of a cheap type.

A lil add on to it =) for my personal use =)

I love them both!!!!! I even made one for myself to turned it into brooch!!!

I am currently working on a prototype fabric handbouquet and fabric ring for Murni Rosli...
Cant wait to share with u guys the out come!!!

For more email me and you'll be surprised! 
** see contact for details !

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini Signage for Kerry Mirza =)

She wanted to have a signage that enables her to change photos every now and then.
So I designed her a photo slot that compliments the design.

She also wanted her signage for personal use unlike most of the signage I did. They were all meant for guestbook corners =)

So lets take a look at her mini signage =)

Mini Signage for Personal Use

A5 size board with cover + deco
Comes with stand and photo attached
Theme :pink and blue - off vintage style

 The look above is the one with photo. Down below is without photo =)

Some close ups with some shiny pinky paper roses I made + painted myself...nice eh? hehe  !

Interested? Just email me and I'll reply in no time !! See contact for details yea =)
Hope can be part of your wedding/events.
Cheerios !

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guestbook + 2 mini signage for Uya Rayza =)

I just recovered from a fever. 
Still a lil frail and having my back pain for no apparent reason.huh
Was supposed to deliver last saturday but due to illness I have to get this posted on Monday.
Sorry for the slight delay sweetheart =(

But fret not, I'm sure you gonna like this new modification I have made on the signage. More colourful and lively...

Lets take a look at her guestbook first :

Guestbook Description

A5 size handmade guestbook with black linen fabric hardcover + 100sheets/200pages of 80gsm empty white paper.
Front cover decoration
First page welcoming words from bride and groom
Box and wrapping
Theme colour : Red and Gold

**** please bare with the quality of photos...got some problem =(

As for the signage she requested 2 types one for her guestbook and one for her candy choc corner. Jom tgk what I have installed for her "

Mini Signage for Guestbook Corner

A5 size board with cover + deco
Comes with stand and photo attached
Theme :red and gold - off vintage style

Mini Signage for Candy Buffer Corner

A5 size board with cover + deco
Comes with stand and photo attached
Theme : red + gold with some colourful touch


and this is her complete order :

Anything kindly email me and Im sure gonna reply your email the soonest I can ! 
See contact for details =)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fabric Ring for SALE !!!!

Actually I am not making this ring.
Only taking favors from Anora Farzlin since she wants me to buy for her the fabric ring at my local store in Penang.

So I purchased a few incase anyone of you also interested.
On the other hand I am also in the process of making my own fabric ring. Will let you know if the project is successful.
Doa-doakan la yea kawan-kawan =)

Jom cuci mata apa yg ada !

Sold Out
Fabric ring for anora

All sold out.
2 cream + 2 grey + 2 light purple (almost maroon)
Comes with a lace at the bottom as attached.

If interested Let me know by emailing me oke (see contact for details)

All sold out ! - If you want can order here!
Those who want to order I will place the order below so you can check the updates and skali beli:

Current order (27/1/2011)
1. Saidatul Summiaton - 1pc grey + 1pc cream

However below are still available. 
Those interested and make first payment will get the ring.
First come first serve basis yea.

Fabric ring with lace RM7.90/ pc
1 pc Turquoise - sold to sarah
1 red - sold to sarah
1 peach - sold to Uya Rayza
1 light purple - sold to Uya Rayza

Email me for more or sms me 017-4690220

Fabric Brooch Sunshine + 200 magnet tags for Noora Hasan

More updates on my client Noora Hasan.
This time around is her fabric brooch type : Sunshine + 200 Magnet tags. 

Jom tengok!

Fabric Brooch 

Fabric brooch description

20 units of fabric brooch
Type : Sunshine (review here for more catalogue : Link or browse Fabric Fabrique )
Assorted colours (Mix + Match)

 Probably her new bundle of joy hehehe

 Some close ups

 You can see the rear brooch with heart + pin attached to it =)

Some close up views =)

Magnet tags.

Magnet tags descriptions

200pc of magnet tags with Syukran Jazilan arabic words 
I.C / Credit card size tag
Using 180gsm paper (Thick paper)
Comes with 1.5cm magnet 
Assorted Colours
**  with plastic covers easier for her to hand out =) **

 See the plastic covers

 The rear if magnet tags

A few designs I made for her =)

This magnet tags are totally awesome for gifts/ as wedding favors to guests.
Designs come in variety using thick board or thick paper, any way you wish I can do it for you =)
Good for PC or fridge...a way of remembrance the event =)

Email me for more ( See contact for details !)

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