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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anniversary Giveaway is Closed and I am here to announce about it !

A total of 74 participants join the give away and I am so delighted that it has come this far =)
To all participants thank you for joining my first ever anniversary giveaway !
See here for more of the giveaway : First Anniversary Giveaway !
I shall reveal the result now =) But before that lets take a look those who participate =)
Feel free to go to their link to exchange link etc =)

Below is the list of Participants and their no: 
** if you dont see your name here it is either there is no button, no email given or the link you have given me is broken. those participants who do not fulfill the requirement I am sorry to disqualify you as to be fair with those who have complied yea.

11. deela
13. fizah
15. Hana

33. Asyida  
38. ira 

41. nida
47. baby

 51. Gee

61. errah
63. shayra
67. daLiLa

I have decided to pull out 2 mini signage so we gonna have two winners here !!!

And the 1st winner goes tooooo (drum rollllllll,.... (^^)V)

No. 23 

and the 2nd winner goes to.......

 No.60 !!!!

Congratulations to winners !!!

So to dear Norhasliza Hashim and dear pikot wait for my email yea !!!

Thankssss to those who participate...insyaALLAH will have more giveaway in the future.
So be sure to follow my updates !


Dira said...

congrats to winners! :)


congrats to all winners!! ;p

Puan Ekin Hoza said...

congrats to the winner ya! :) rezeki nak kahwin.

Unknown said...

alhamdulillah :) thanks!! tak sangka!!! hehehe will reply ur email.

thanks again!!

*Miss Backspace* said...

Congrats to all winners :))

Cik Puan Tqah said...

congrats to winner..belum ade rezeki.. hihhi.. :)

♥ nana i am ♥ said...

TQ fara..takde rezeki :) congrates Norhasliza Hashim!

farahD said...

Dearest all, yg tak menang jgn sedih2 oke...stay tuned and I shall have more and more giveaway to come especially in May since it is my birthday!!! heheh Congrats to winners again!

Hidayatul Putra said...

congrates to all winners. :)

fazlien said...

nak menang jgk..sob2x.
xde rezeki ni..
hrp dimurhkan rezeki saya di tmpt lain..
btw,congrate kepada pmenang=D

Unknown said...

ala...sikit lagi...tahniah untuk yang bertuah...

jemput join my segmen http://www.zahidahwahid.com/2012/01/5292/

Unknown said...

bestnyaaa congrats to pemenang :))

Just^me said...

congrats to the winners! :D

affafkusayang said...

Tahniah kepada pemenang ye..

dearpikot said...

thanks cik farah!!

Syu, Syuhada said...

heheh..baru teringat GA ni :p
btw tQ 4 the winner..
bangga gak nama 1st for participant ;p

Syu, Syuhada said...

eh typo..tQ to farahD
tahniah to winner ;p

Hanis said...

congratz to da winner.. hehe.. bukan rezeki sy.. =)

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