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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabric Fabrique Catalogue 2

This is my second catalogue on fabric fabrique.
A continuity from this first catalogue : Fabric Fabrique catalogue 1

This is more of a budget fabric flowers except for Lacey + Fabric Rosie.
This is only Prototype oke.

I am using scrap from leftovers to make the new type of flower so to show you all the main deco before finalizing with extra embellishments, brooch pins and etc.

This fabric flowers not only suitable for brooches or rosettes, but it can be use to almost anything like deco on book cover, bookmark, gift wrapping just anything. You let me know and I'll design for you.
It can be even made as fabric bouquets !
You can made it as a deco in your house, a stylish pin to wear on your cardigan/coat just about anything.

Just like how I wear it =)

So lets take a look at all of the new items.

 Using mostly ribbons + felt + some  fabric

 I love this pin wheel especially so cute if you turn it into a brooch! So stylish !

 My fav pin wheel ! Down below I am wearing my own pin wheel brooch. Love it to bits..so suitable with your cardigan =)

 Made of only ribbon and button as center piece.

Small ribbons and buttons/ crystal as center piece.

However below are the not so budget fabric flowers coz the material used is not so much of a cheap type.

A lil add on to it =) for my personal use =)

I love them both!!!!! I even made one for myself to turned it into brooch!!!

I am currently working on a prototype fabric handbouquet and fabric ring for Murni Rosli...
Cant wait to share with u guys the out come!!!

For more email me and you'll be surprised! 
** see contact for details !

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Hi dear..kalo i nak order petal tuh boleh ke?

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