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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guestbook + Wedding board for Noora Hasan

After a few days hiatus...well probably a week heh. 
I am back with lotsa updates.

Before that, I have a new tag line for the website which is
Exclusively made for you by Scrapaperclip !

 So after this, at the end of each posts will have my tagline =)
 It is so random, the idea came along well when I was daydreaming in front of the PC hahaha

Anyway back to updates. Most updates here are all for my beloved client : Noora Hasan =)
She is the first ever client to purchase most of my items here available in Scrapaperclip.
She purchased :
1 unit A5 size personalize inside guestbook
1 unit A3 size wedding board for entrance
1 unit of A5 size mini signage ( Room deco)
200 units of Magnet tags
20 units of fabric brooch
All comes in full package with additional 2 wood stand + box and wrapping !

So lets take a look at her 2 wedding items. I will review separately. In fact I already review her mini signage down below this post =)

testimony from the client herself : Noora Hasan !

Personalized Guestbook

Guestbook Description

A5 size handmade guestbook with black linen fabric hardcover + 100sheets/200pages of 80gsm empty white paper.
 Personalized inside layout with my design
Front cover decoration
First page welcoming words from bride and groom
Box and wrapping
Theme colour : Off Pink and purple.
 With her soon to be husband initials : H + N

 Personalize inside layout with her name and soon to be husband 

 Personalize inside layout with her name and soon to be husband

Her box for the guestbook and mini signage =)

Wedding Board 

Wedding Board Description 

A3 Size of Board with decorations
Comes with a wood stand as requested + 4R size photo attached 
Full View

 her full package purchase 

See mini signage for more of her photos (see label on your right side)

Interested ? Email me !
Stay tuned for her fabric brooch updates with tags !

Exclusively made for you ~ Scrapaperclip !


3LiN4 said...

salam.... nak minte izin... nak tiru design 4 guestbook boleh? hehehehe...

Actually, nak buat sendiri. n love ur design... so nak tiru tau...

pppplllllzzzzzzz.... :D

farahD said...

Wsalam 3LIN4,

I am so sorry, it's kinda hard to let go someone yg tiru idea. Coz it is something personal and private. In fact this design was actually meant for Noora Hasan shj...I hope you understand ek. If you nk jgk the designm then you have to ask permission to the owner of the guestbook too...so its not just about me shj, but the client also.

So please be considerate yea. Just put yourself in my shoes =) I am sure you wouldnt do the same. Thanks sweet for understanding hehe

Bila Hati Berbicara said...

salam farah....u ada jual x fabrik rose tu lg??sgt2 suka laa....if ada leh x u email kt i price dia?mummy_nia@yahoo.com...tq

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