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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini Signage for Kerry Mirza =)

She wanted to have a signage that enables her to change photos every now and then.
So I designed her a photo slot that compliments the design.

She also wanted her signage for personal use unlike most of the signage I did. They were all meant for guestbook corners =)

So lets take a look at her mini signage =)

Mini Signage for Personal Use

A5 size board with cover + deco
Comes with stand and photo attached
Theme :pink and blue - off vintage style

 The look above is the one with photo. Down below is without photo =)

Some close ups with some shiny pinky paper roses I made + painted myself...nice eh? hehe  !

Interested? Just email me and I'll reply in no time !! See contact for details yea =)
Hope can be part of your wedding/events.
Cheerios !


Just^me said...

cantik la shining roses tu! i like =)

sarahmeay.snm said...

Kak farah, kalau order mini signage Ni, dapat sekali kaki board tu ke?

farahD said...

just me : thanks compliment =)
sarah : i dh send u an email ek heheh yes skali dgn stand

Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

heeh saya customer yg saangat sukaaa!

Ryha Feyzal said...

nanti kalau riha dah nak kawen, nak chop u siap2 la, utk buatkan guestbook! comel sgt lerr!!!

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