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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shutter card for ema !!

Morning Monday !
I have a few updates coming right after one another so stay tuned for more oke !
This order is from Ema requested to have a special card for her birthday boy ! I suggested shutter card coz it's unique and you can put photos inside like a form of a mini scrapbook to be given to your loved ones...

I have done similar one for Aimi you can see it at this link here : Aimi Shutter Card

But before that dont forget to  join my
First Anniversary Giveaway !!!!
Go to this link to participate oke....dont leave commnet here =)

So the shutter card is as follows !

Card size : 12cm x 16cm 
Harcover board as fron cover and at the back
Consist of 2sheets/4pages front and back with photos included !
Comes with matching envelope too.

The best think about this card is that it can stand on its own without any support so you can place it anywhere in the room or make is as a form of decorations !

 The front cover with deco : she requested to have a guitar on the cover =)

 The front look when open.

 How it looks like when it stands

 The first page after the cover

 The second page. A memory worth keeping =)

 Close up a lil bit ! I did a lil scrapbook on the inside to make it more special, photos included too.

 I love the combination !

Eye view above when it is standing =)

Let me show you the look of the shutter card before I did the decoration incase you are wondering :

The front look : You can add other sorts of embellishment like paper heart, buttons and crystals too =)

Empty shutter card ready to be customized !

Interested? Email me oke : See contact for details !!!

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