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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guestbook + Mini Signage for Dr.Ilya

Morning Thursday.....
Most probably many of you are counting days for the weekend, coz same goes to me .
I probably gonna meet my ex-schoolmate so pretty excited and really look forward to the weekend =)

I am updating the latest order from Dr.Ilya.
I finished her order last 12days but couldnt make an entry about this coz I am pretty busy. 
Gonna be so so busy this year....so I might wanna slow down a lil bit on the order.
So if you want to book for your wedding this year...please please book early. Prior notice from 2-3 months...if you plan to have wed end of this year you can book too coz I need time to do this and I am only doing this on part time basis.

Anyway....let enjoy the new dish I did for Dr.Ilya...A soon-to-be Doctor, an adorable person I must say.

So Dr.Ilya, This is for your wedding day =) 

** Note: All Ideas, Design, Artwork, Photos, and writings in this blog are copyrighted to the owner; FARAH DIYANA**
Guestbook Description

A5 size handmade guestbook with black linen fabric hardcover + 100sheets/200pages of personalized inside layout pirnted in black and white on 80gsm paper.
Front cover decoration
First page welcoming words fro bride and groom
Box and wrapping
Theme : Purple and Yellow

** the photo has a beautiful bokeh coz I am using DSLR compared to other photos taken before using only compact camera hence the quality is a lil different =)

 Front cover

 The first page welcoming words =)

The inside template which I have designed for her =) 

FYI, Mini signage is actually my idea to drive people to write on the guestbook that you have provided on the table. It is indeed my creative idea to make your guestbook corner looks more interesting. I havent seen such mini signage before....so I invented it for all soon to be brides, so they can put them at the corner and infact frame them after use.
2 in 1 use indeed =)

Mini Signage for Guestbook Corner

A5 size board with cover + deco
Comes with stand + photo attached
Theme: Yellow and Purple of Fun concept.

She gave a very nice photo for the signage and it looked really colourful. 

 The front look of the signage =)

 A lil close up =)

She ordered A guestbook of personalized inside layout with a signage for the guestbook corner =) 

Interested? email me for more...see contact for details =)
Hurry Promo so unpersonalized guestbook is on !!!
Only 3 units left so hurry..its really worth the saving !!!!

Open for wedding through out the year except March and April =)
Cheerios !!

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