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Monday, February 27, 2012

Shutter cards Update : Order from Zulliana

Hello Tuesday Morning....
This is one of my favourite updates..

I must tell that Shutter Card, an alternative style of giving greeting or birthday cards is one of my utmost favourite of all greeting cards I have made.

I can simply show you by using only photos why I like this type of card.
** the best thing about this type of card is that you can take as much photos to show the details of the item.
It is like a scrapbook card.
The layout can be very versatile and funky.
Very personal.

Jom tengok latest order of shutter card from Zulliana.

She wanted to give this personal shutter card to her hubby for their 1st Anniversary...
Yes this is indeed a suitable choice of all greeting cards I've made.

** Note: All Ideas, Design, Artwork, Photos, and writings in this blog are copyrighted to the owner; FARAH DIYANA**

Description of Shutter Card

size : 16cm x 12cm 
comes with matching envelope.
2 sheets/4 pages inside
Front cover deco
With photos attached.
Theme: Passionate.

The front view....with a lil twine and button and her hubby's initial 'B'

 More close ups of the front view

As for the inside, You gonna love this one coz this shutter card not only function as a message for you to convey to hubby but it is one of a way for you to flash back memories...it is like a mini scrapbook album. Short and pack with some love phrases I did inside giving that extra personal touch.

 The first and second page view...her wedding photo + her self-custom message to her hubby

A lil closer to the 1st + 2nd page

How it looks like when flatten out.

 The 3rd and 4th page view

Close up of the 3rd page...really like a mini scrapbook right? with that lil love phrases and fun wordings.

The 3rd + 4th page when flatten out.

And the shutter card when it is in the standing position.

So you can tell how strong the card is. Suitable for room deco, where you can place it next to your mirror, side table, deco cabinet or just anywhere you want it for you to reminisce the moment you cherish most in your life.

Interested ? Email me for more and you sure gonna love it !
** see contact for details !!

Read next entry on more shutter card =)


zuezul said...

OMG!! farah,
sgt kreatif..rase baru je kot forward gambar semua, finally jadi camnie rase cam.. (*-^)
thanks a lot...
sukeee sgt...will repeat order pas nie..hehe
thanks again tau...


farahD said...

Thanks zuezul !!! glad u like them hehe hope you had a fantastic celebration oke =) muahhh

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