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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sponsorship Tribute by Kak Moon ! Thank You kak !

I am truly honoured to be part of Kak Moon's Preparation to celebrate Rafiq's Birthday recently. 
Her blog is famous because she wrote not only about herself but also the journey of Norma's and Talib's in fighting brain tumor. She was also featured in MHI TV3 sometime ago. 

It would be pretty lengthy to explain further about Kak Moon's Journal on Norma + Talib's life in fighting against the cancer but I would like to share the link to her wonderful and resourceful blog : 

Or you can go directly to Norma + Talib's Story on Cancer here : LINK 

You should go and read about this jounrnal of Norma + Talib coz it is very resourceful....Kak moon not only tells her side of the story but she also shares a lot of tips on how she and Norma's family handle the cancer. A journal worth reading for those who treasure knowledge and empathy of other people's life struggle.

I've been following her blog ever since I knew the story from a friend and I am happy that Norma is very fast recovering...and I hope she will get very well soon so she can spend more time with her dearest son Rafiq and wonderful husband Talib. 

This is her review on the Guestbook I sponsored : LINK

I am truly honoured to be part of her preparation and I am so happy that the guestbook came to good use. A memory and well wishes that is worth keeping.

If you wanna know more of the design of the guestbook see here : LINK

Life isnt always about accepting...but most of the time it is about giving. Giving what you have to help others and here in Scrapaperclip, we dont only want to deliver good service and artwork, but we also want  to be part of the society in contributing what we can to those in need. Be in the form of service or donation, we would be very happy to join the charity works !


Any parties/ private interested in having me as part of your co-sponsorship or donator, please dont hesitate to email me. I would be so happy to be part of your charity works. 

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