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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunshine rosettes for women and Paper rose brooch for men : Order from Dr. Ilya

Can you get so obsessed with your own work?
The answer is YES, YOU CAN !

(^^*, )
Oke I dont mean to brag but when I took photos of these brooches and rosettes I felt that the colour turned out so well it mesmerized me for a lil while.

Tak percaya? See it...

** Note: All Ideas, Design, Artwork, Photos, and writings in this blog are copyrighted to the owner; FARAH DIYANA**

Cantik kan all the brooches.... =) ngeee ?

Yes Purple and yellow !!! 
That is indeed Dr.Ilya's theme colour for her reception and wedding ceremony. This is infact my first time using these two colour combination and I must say that the purple and yellow I chose were really really matching...and in real time (reality) it turned out so beautiful.

She ordered :

11pc of rosettes in purple for women 
11pc of men's paper rose 

For women I used the combination colour of orange + purple + yellow.
For men's paper rose I used the combination of purple + yellow + grey. So I guess the grey colour indirectly looked a lil masculine rather than feminine.
Dr.Ilya also ordered a personalized inside layout guestbook and a mini signage too where you can read about her order in this post : LINK

Lets take a closer look of each items : 

Sunshine Rosettes
Description :
Using satin with pin brooch + Orange crystal + matching Yellow ribbon + custom wordings

 Altogether 11pc in a basket =)

 Close up 1 unit 

The front and rear view =)

Men's Paper Rose Brooch
Description :
Using thick paper and painted with purple acrylic + matching grey felt + custom wordings

  Altogether 11pc in a basket =)

 Close up view for 1 unit

 The front and rear view of the paper rose =)

So what do you think? Wanna lay your hands on this pretty stuff? email me and you'd be surprised.
100% Handmade by Scrapaperclip =)

Email me yea...see contact for details !
Cheerios and Have a nice day ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Errah Najwa said...

very beautiful..

Cahaya Inspirasi said...

very nice.....

farahD said...

thanks all for the sweet comment =)

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