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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Update on Rosettes + Men's Pin + Vintage Rose Ring ! Order from Saidatul

Hello Thursday Morning !
Feeling all excited today? 

coz I am !!!! will be going to watch The Wrath of Titans this afternoon...so really looking forward to it =)
Anyway....Lets take a look at the update for today !
I have 3 types of items ordered by the same person...so I am gonna review one by one today !

Lets start with the Rosettes!
 As usual I am using Sunshine type flower to make the rosettes since it's nice and very easy to wear + long lasting.
But different from other rosettes, this one I used satin patterned fabric since she wanted to have a combination colour on the fabric. She wanted to have green and purple in a form of a pattern.

Items ordered :
10pc Sunshine Rosettes + 7pc Men's Pin + 4pc Vintage rose ring !

So lets take a look at what I have installed specially for her! 

Sunshine Rosettes
Description :
Using pattern satin with brooch's pin + Gold crystal + matching Yellow ribbon + custom wordings
 10pc assembled nicely in a mini basket...using patterned satin paired with matching gold crystals and ribbons!
You can custom your wordings too...max 3 words.

 The whole view of the female rosette..see that glow and shine when it's under the sun...making it more looks expensive when you have that sparkle hehheeh

 A lil close up 

 The back of the brooch....pretty sweet right? Love shape with a pin attached to it

 Alternatively you can put gold buttons or any matching buttons at the center...this is a few extras i did for my personal use =)
Men's Pin !

As for the men's pin, request by the client to have a gold shirt and a white button..yes this colour really suits the men style and it's ever perfect for wedding's attire. 
 7pc of her order....looking sweet and stylish too...so vintage!

 The colour combination is purely a perfection...classic too.

 How it looks like close up with the view at the back of the men's pin

Vintage Rose Ring!

Of course not forgetting ! 
 Vintage rose ring using type C base ring for 3 colours and 1 type B ring base.
For more of the vintage rose ring base type go here : LINK 
Or simply go to Fabric ring Label on your right side oke!

 She ordered the colour of turquoise + purple + green + the ever beautiful red colour !
Although in pic it looks like too bright...but it is actually damn pretty oke..

Feel free to browse more on the fabric ring which I have done more using red..it is beautiful...suitable for casual wear too...hey I myself have one oke; the same colour and base. Gothic style!

A lil close up 

Close up at the base of the ring...she picked type C ring base which is black metallic chrome.
If you see closely...its shiny, coz it's metallic so it's gonna be a long lasting handmade ring! 
Plus the design of the ring base adding to the vintage looks of it.

And all of her order !

assembled together hehehe

So interested? Email me for more oke
** see contact for details !!

Cheerios and As-salam !!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Calling for Order : Love Pop Up card !!!

Hows weekends pretties and handsomes? 
Mine never been better !

This is indeed my first ever pop card...been wanting to do for sooooooooooooooooo long !
Just dont have the time to make one prototype to show.
People been asking for me to do but I just dont have that time to make...it takes great cut and precision to make oke...so it takes time.

Anyway, there you go...presenting my first published pop card in prototype version (sample version)

I am only open for 10 units only as I am pretty much occupied until end of May.
First come first serve basis. 
Open for order on all occasions -birthday, anniversary, as gifts to dear friend or family or just about anything you want.

Below I show you the sample of card or I called it prototype. 
Of course the outcome of the card that you ordered would not be like the one I show you...it comes with full decorations, wordings of your own if you have any, or even photos if you want to include inside the pop up card !

I can guarantee its beautiful outcome once completed!!! Well of course if you like my previous works then I'm so sure you gonna like this one tooo !

So let me present to you the 

** p/s- hence the colour combination of striking (green and bright orange) and a bit show off hahah since I wanna show the inside have to make it lil more striking then usual =)

Description of card 
Size : 21cm x 15cm (technically A4 size card folded into half)
Using thick paper (220gsm paper)
Comes with matching wrapper a.k.a envelope (optional)

The front cover...ignore the lines I did...when u have that card the line will be gone FOREVER haha 
You can pick any colour of card you want oke....its yours waiting to be customized !!!!

I can deco just anything you want like below for the front cover !!

Maybe Like this one below :
For more browse under  Label : Handmade greeting cards oke.

Just browse through and I'll design a new one for you to deco the front cover....oke !!

A few close ups on the prototype (again ignore the lines it will be gone forever once it is completed !)
You can place photos on top go the love shape pop up...or your own wordings if you have.

 I love the card coz its huge oke...half a4 size when folded...a card that you wont get elsewhere coz its custom made for you...JUST FOR YOU !!!

The colour differ when I took the photo in my room...ah lighting effect !

So what are you waiting more...hurry make your order now oke !!!! 
It's limited oke...coz I am pretty much occupied...make your bookings even if the event is on October oke...anytime of the year...I am up for the order coz I do not know when I'll be making this card again....

So better late then never !!!! Hurry ! Interested please email me your details and I'll reply the soonest I can.

Full name :
Delivery Add:
H/P No:
Payment bank : CIMB or Maybank 

-Please give details as what you want to be on the card -
** leave it empty if you want me to choose for you =) **

Card occasion :
Date of Occasion :
Front card title : (Optional)
Card colour : (Optional)
Recipient : Nickname or short name
Sender : Nickname or short name 
Message in the card :
Others : If you have any request please state here (optional)

Email all the details above to scrapaperclip@gmail.com
or if you wanna know more..email me oke.

Hurry Now!!!! I only make 10 units of this card...and the order is closing next FRIDAY (30th March 2012)
so dont wait and think anymore make your bookings oke!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rose tags and Men's Pin : order from Nisa.

Salam and Morning to lovelies and Yes...The monday blues !
Today's Update is not much since I've already uploaded 2 updates yesterday's evening...

3 units of Rose Tags + 2 men's pin, all order from Nisa ( She also Ordered my guestbook, just see the post down below )

For the rose tags, I usually painted them in red or pink or sometimes cream colour but since her wedding theme is turquoise and white she requested me to paint them with that colour.
Same goes with the men's pin.

Function of Rose Tags.
As you can see from the name itself...it is a tag....gift tags, present tags,deco tags...just about anything that needs a tag...suitable as gift to love ones too coz I can actually put some wording on the tag.

However Men's Pin is a alternative version of rosettes for men since most of them dont usually like wearing roses on their attire hehehe.

Colours and design all can be custom-made.

 All if her order....

 Sparkling white rose tag !
 Bling Bling Mr. Turquoise !

Close ups and details of the rose tags...pretty exclusive right? coz if you see closely....its shiny...
giving that special sense of elegance...perfect for wedding !
But not to worry this is also perfect for birthday gifts or anniversary and etc !

Samples I did before with brown paper and white paper for rose tags !


See the men's pin back and front view...with matching mini button attached to it

So if you like to order in bulk is also accepted but bookings has to be made way advance since I am doing this on part time basis yea.

For more samples browse under rosettes OR men's pin OR rose tags

Email me for more !
** see contact for details !!

Guestbook and Mini Signage : order from Zaihazra

Hello Sunday evening !!!!
Having more uploads now...2 guestbooks and 1 mini signage and of course a mini card for dulang Hantaran =) !!
So let me start with Zaihazra's order hehe

Pretty excited coz I love these 2 guestbooks that I am uploading now oke...
All pretty fresh and inspiring I must say....new approach and techniques  but  I think it is even more like a scrapbook style guestbook !
Putting more embellishments (ready made of course) to be paired with my handmade embellishments too =)
Since her wedding colours do not compliment my design so I have to pick some contrasting colours to make it more lively...

Jom tengok the outcome !!

 Guestbook Description
A5 size handmade guestbook with black linen fabric hardcover + 100sheets/200pages of 80gsm  empty paper.
Front cover decoration
First page welcoming words from bride and groom
Box and wrapping
Theme :Peach Creamy !

 I love these colours when combined ! Adding to my new favourite list of colour combinations !!!
Very refreshing I must say !

 Can you see all the details? Mesmerizing right ? Alhamdulillah...this is indeed a creation from Allah SWT and I am proud to be using it in such ways...

The inside layout of welcoming speech...need to tone down from the ever heavy deco on the front hehe

I am so loving these two guestbooks I'm uploading today....read more on another guestbook update down below oke...(next post of course !)

Lets take another look at her matching mini signage !
Mini Signage Description 

A5 size board with decoration
With photo attached/included
Comes with wood stand
 Theme colour : Peach + cream
Another mesmerizing outcome !!!

All that red hearts and some quilled flowers

 Can you see the bling bling ? hehe 

The complete set : guestbook + mini signage =)

Do you like them? I really hope she do like them both!!!
Jom tgk next guestbook in the next post !!!

Email me for more if you are interested...
p/s see contact for details oke.


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