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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A lighter Note : Be KIND and Credit Properly =)

To all friends and fellow crafters !

As you can see, lately I've stumbled upon mane blogshops and crafts doing almost what I did with similar ideas and design....I really hope if you ever take any photos or inspired bt my ideas from my site to
Just credit me properly oke...I am not saying you cant take, just credit my works....
I understand that sometimes we get some inspirations from other poeple coz thats what I did too =) so its nothing much really...just that if you wish to duplicate the idea or design, just credit me oke.
No need permission or email me.

To tell you the truth sometimes I get request and orders from clients to ask me to do works from other crafters but I tell them nicely that I do not make repeat works from fellow crafters as a way to respect their ideas and etc.

So I wish those who are inspire by me in one way or another just credit me properly oke.
No need to email me or get my permissions just credit me.
Coz they are people surfing and sometimes they get notice of similar works so ...if you know what I mean hehehe...

thats all.

No offence oke just wanna have a good and healthy sharing =)

Cheerios ! Stay tuned for more updates in this coming few days =)

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