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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mu First Attempt : Sunshine Fabric Hand Bouquet For Murni Rosli =)

First of all, 
I wanna apologized for the misunderstanding...I am glad to have her as my client and now a friend.
I hope the outcome of this bouquet can substitute the misunderstanding we had hehehe muahh

I wanna thank to my dearest Murni Rosli for giving me the opportunity to make this one. If it wasnt because of her, I dont think I'm gonna indulge in making this since it is not really my thing. Had so many ideas in making this one until I almost dont have a clue to which one to try. 

Alhamdulillah...The result amazed me. 

There are indeed many rooms for improvement thats for certain...but seeing this first attempt completed really makes my day. 
I finished making the boquet a few days ago but since I need to borrow my other half's DSLR for better effects (since the colour of DSLRs is very much closer to the actual one) so only today I managed to snap them.

So lets take a look closer to this baby of mine =) which will soon be her's (murni rosli) 

Description :

Fabric Hand Bouquet for Murni Rosli
Type flower : Sunshine
Theme colour : Baby Blue, Off white + Fuschia
Fabric type : Satin and satin ribbon
Extras : Matching crystals + 1 Fuschia Button in the middle.

As my friend told me its UBER CUTE...hahahah thanks syg ! 
Uber cute it is..

Email me for more...I have to think of taking this bouquet order since I'm already pack till May...so just email me and let me reconsider yea !

** see contact for details !!!


Naz the Nag said...

OMG, memang sangat cantik! please make more. hurm, maybe i'll order from you for my big day. good luck ^^

farahD said...

Thanks Naz..hehe sure anytime let me know oke =)

Unknown said...

how much?

Anynomous said...

sgt cantekkk hoccay.. how much??

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