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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Update on Rosettes + Men's Pin + Vintage Rose Ring ! Order from Saidatul

Hello Thursday Morning !
Feeling all excited today? 

coz I am !!!! will be going to watch The Wrath of Titans this afternoon...so really looking forward to it =)
Anyway....Lets take a look at the update for today !
I have 3 types of items ordered by the same person...so I am gonna review one by one today !

Lets start with the Rosettes!
 As usual I am using Sunshine type flower to make the rosettes since it's nice and very easy to wear + long lasting.
But different from other rosettes, this one I used satin patterned fabric since she wanted to have a combination colour on the fabric. She wanted to have green and purple in a form of a pattern.

Items ordered :
10pc Sunshine Rosettes + 7pc Men's Pin + 4pc Vintage rose ring !

So lets take a look at what I have installed specially for her! 

Sunshine Rosettes
Description :
Using pattern satin with brooch's pin + Gold crystal + matching Yellow ribbon + custom wordings
 10pc assembled nicely in a mini basket...using patterned satin paired with matching gold crystals and ribbons!
You can custom your wordings too...max 3 words.

 The whole view of the female rosette..see that glow and shine when it's under the sun...making it more looks expensive when you have that sparkle hehheeh

 A lil close up 

 The back of the brooch....pretty sweet right? Love shape with a pin attached to it

 Alternatively you can put gold buttons or any matching buttons at the center...this is a few extras i did for my personal use =)
Men's Pin !

As for the men's pin, request by the client to have a gold shirt and a white button..yes this colour really suits the men style and it's ever perfect for wedding's attire. 
 7pc of her order....looking sweet and stylish too...so vintage!

 The colour combination is purely a perfection...classic too.

 How it looks like close up with the view at the back of the men's pin

Vintage Rose Ring!

Of course not forgetting ! 
 Vintage rose ring using type C base ring for 3 colours and 1 type B ring base.
For more of the vintage rose ring base type go here : LINK 
Or simply go to Fabric ring Label on your right side oke!

 She ordered the colour of turquoise + purple + green + the ever beautiful red colour !
Although in pic it looks like too bright...but it is actually damn pretty oke..

Feel free to browse more on the fabric ring which I have done more using red..it is beautiful...suitable for casual wear too...hey I myself have one oke; the same colour and base. Gothic style!

A lil close up 

Close up at the base of the ring...she picked type C ring base which is black metallic chrome.
If you see closely...its shiny, coz it's metallic so it's gonna be a long lasting handmade ring! 
Plus the design of the ring base adding to the vintage looks of it.

And all of her order !

assembled together hehehe

So interested? Email me for more oke
** see contact for details !!

Cheerios and As-salam !!!

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