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Thursday, April 19, 2012

FAQ Scrapaperclip products

I've been wanting to do this for sometime but always don't have that much time since doing this requires so much of thinking and ideas to write and elaborate stuff.

Many people have been wondering and maybe not really clear on things and service I provide for clients like you. 

So here we go =)

Scrapaperclip ( Scrap + paper + clip)

Scrapaperclip specialized in custom-made artwork, mostly handmade from wedding favors, Fabrics, greeting cards, frames and gifts. You can browse on the label on your right side for more range of my products.

But it doesnt end there....you want me to design anything you, I am the person you should hire !
Thats why you get pretty much fresh and diverse  items here.
The sky is not the limit...

All products in scrapaperclip is 100% handmade by me.
If Items are other than my handmade products I will state in that particular post.

What is Scrapaperclip artwork? 
 It is actually a term used to define my handmade works from favors to gifts, from card to guestbook. I do not focus on only one item or product. My products are very much diverse in terms of the design and types. 
You can also request handmade items that is not listed in this scrapaperclip label . For example, if you want to order for house decorations I can also make and design them. So be creative and I will surely try my very best to fulfill the inspiration you have and my creative design to make your dream come true.

What do you mean by custom-made/personalized ?
Custom-made meaning that the order taken from that particular client is purely design to suit the requirement of the client. This requirement differ from one client to another client, hence the design in Scrapaperclip is usually different from one type to another (even if it's only 5% different) coz I tend not to repeat the design unless the client insisted to have the exact duplicate.
All handmade works in scrapaperclip are custom-made.
That is why the price is not listed in the website.

However overall Quotation or Basic price can be provided to clients upon request.

Do you have a specific package for all of your items?
Since most of the artwork are personalized/custom-made, there is no specific package provided here unless there is a promotion/giveaway or unless stated clearly that the item is a package. Since there is no package, the items here are priced individually.

How do you price most of the handmade artwork?
All of my items here are priced according to :

1. Time taken to complete the order/ individual unit.
2. Material use/ How the material is obtained (imported/local)
3. Complexity of the design. 

Hence, if you order in bundle or bulk the price of 1 unit is still the same. Unlike printing shop or any other shop that provides bundle/bulk purchase, the more you purchase the more you get discounted. Here (in fact most of handmade shops) I am not / unable to provide such discount since I have to do each unit and attend to it one by one.

How long does it takes to complete an order ? 

It totally depends on the amount of order you place and the complexity of the order, not forgetting the queue you have to wait after payment has been made. Since I am only doing this part time, so those clients who intend to order or purchase must make their booking min 1 week before the delivery date for greeting cards or small items/ 2 units items and 2 months before the delivery date for guestbooks and wedding favors. All order (once payment has been made) will be placed in the waiting list.

For urgent cases or for those clients who are really interested in purchasing but had passed the min requirement for order, you can still email me and I will check my schedule. If I have no order for that particular week then I might be able to fulfill your request.

How to place my order or booking ? 

Simple!  Email me and I will reply with details needed. 
If you just want to inquire about specific product you can email me and please,please reply as a form of feedback whether or not you are interested, want to put on hold or cancelled the inquiry. 

How do I make my payments once I have made booking ?
Once I have received all your details and confirmed your order, I will then give you my acc no (CIMB/MAYBANK) via email or sms. Payment has to be made in full for purchase below RM400 in order to be eligible in the waiting list. All those clients in the waiting list are already make their payments so to be fair with them you too have to do the same. Plus I need clients to be 100% committed with their order as much as I am with my work. It is also a way to prevent back out buyers (you tend to get this a lot when you have online shop)
So please understand yea. 

For purchase above RM400, 70% deposit is required for me to process the order and another 30% upon delivery. I will suspend the order if you fail in paying the balance of payment.

A lighter note to all clients.

I DO NOT repeat designs from other crafters...
I have indeed received orders to make guestbooks from other crafters (probably their order has been closed)
But I am sorry but  I have to refuse it.
I am totally entitled to my design and creativity as well as other crafters too.
So please respect our works as much as you want people to respect your work too..


I guess that's pretty much the regular questions I've been getting from clients so far.
If you have anything else regarding this product or service please feel free to leave your comments here and I'll get back to you in the comment section for answers !

Thanks for supporting my product !

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