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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fluffy Rose Rosettes : Order from Syahida Akmal

This is my creation.
My design.
My absolute new idea....
No one has ever done this before...well at least not in the exact same way I did !!

Alhamdulillah I am loving this new Idea Allah SWT has given me...Syukur2..
 I was thinking for quite sometime for this order from Syahida.
I wanted to have a new design....took me sometime to get this one.
Alhamdullillah...Finally I managed to full this one for you dear!!

 This pretty fluffy rose rosettes is pretty much complicated to do..and it is a lil expensive since the amount of fabric I have to use and the seam line I had to trim and sew using sewing machine oke =)

I cant wait to reveal this new stuff to you.....coz I am loving the outcome..first look already impressed myself hahah

Fluffy Rose Rosettes  Description
Quantity : 30pc Assorted colours
Fabric type : Satin+ Felt for rear cover.
Sewn seam line with pin brooch attached to it.
Comes with Wordings. 

A few of the collection for Syahida Akmal

If you can see the seam line I sewn...giving a lil texture of touch to the rosettes..

Matching combination of felt and satin...

The front and rear view of the rosette.

With all that wordings..making it even more meaningful to those who wear...suitable as gifts to wedding bridesmaid etc...also suitable for personal use as usual...=) 
Trendy and so classic.

Some of the collections; I took close ups...I love taking close ups for this particular rosettes...
How beautiful these lovely fluffy rosettes of mine =)

I really hope she likes it as much as I do !!
It is totally the BOMB!!!

Cheerios !


shy said...


this is reallly really realllyyyyy OHSEEEMMMMM! tho im yet to receive 'em but noeing dath u put all effort in doing this, imma speechlesss.

I bliv each and evryone who will receive this will love it to d max as im NOW!!this is totally GREAT & LOVELY!!! & CLASSY <3

thank you. thank you. thank youuuu.
Thank you for being a part of my BIG day;)

farahD said...

Awww shyyyyyy,

Why are you so kind in giving such beautiful comments and heartfelt wishes...I am so touch too..I always do my best for my clients coz it is ur big day, so need to have it special for my beloved clients =) thats why I called all my 'customers' clients..not customers..coz I advise them when it comes to their order.

Thanks for all your support. As much as u are excited in getting this item, me too cant wait to get this things posted to you safe and sound !

Hope you like every bits of it.hehe

Stay in touch lovely and Congrats on ur coming wedding!!!

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