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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pop Up card - Order from Elle =)

First of all so sorry been delaying since last week to get her card done.
Honestly, not feeling that well infact yesterday got to go to clinic coz I accidentally got my hand cut using a cutter !!!!
I got my fingernails cut into half =( However I am so lucky the doctor said that if I cut my hand further I have to remove my nails and get my hand a few stitches...huh.
Dreadful experience !!!
Alhamdulillah....everything is finally going ok. Just that this morning I have to go to the clinic again for another check up and cleaning =)

Anyway..enough of that almost-got-me-fainted experience (since I lost so much blood) I have an update on our dear friend's order.

Remember this post about my open order on pop-up card ? Link : HERE
So she is the first one to get her card done =) 

I love taking photos of this card coz it has a lot of details to capture =)
The card saiz is almost A5 size (which is big) and I used red since that is her fav and mine tooo =)

Description of Pop Up card !

Size : 19.5cm x 13.7cm
Material : Thick/hard paper + crystals + my handmade embellishments
Comes with matching envelope
Free brooch for her (my complimentary since I sent her card a lil late =( )

 The front card

 A lil close up on the front cover =)

 A few angles showing the pop up card =) I love this card so much !!!! So many details to it...and I am sure making it a worth-card to purchase =)

 Her custom-made message goes there inside of the card....

 A perspective view 

The ant-eye view heheeh u see I put a tag in front of the love pop up =)

A lighter Note :
Since I have a pretty tight schedule on orders....so please understand if I have to turn down some requests like those who wanted me to do the handbouquet etc...
I am so sorry coz I am doing all this alone and I cant take certain orders because I have quality to control..
Hope you understand yea....

Anyway keep emailing me for more and see if I can slot it in your order oke =)
** see contact for details...

Have a nice Thursday !!!!!


el aleeza said...

such a lovly card :) sukaaaaaaaaaaaaa sangat2...tengkiu farah...cantikkkkkkkkk sgt suka! memang berbaloi2 heheheheh...el akan tempah banyak2 card lagi okeh..wait for next :)

farahD said...

Dear El !! Thanks sgt2 sbb suka and thanks jgk for supporting my handmade oke...nnt amik gamba jgn lupa posing dgn kad heheeh leh buat jadik model huhuh muah2 stay in touch and I truly look forward to your next purchase =)

Muah !

Dira said...

cantik nye dear :) kalau kad mcm ni, berapa ye harga? boleh x email kt sini, dira1101@yahoo.com.. thanks :)

:-) said...


Hi,please email me the price neenyzarini@gmail.com.


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