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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Announcement !

To all May soon-to-be bride,

Incase u didnt read my  previous post..I wanna inform that there has been a delay in the order status...So those I told to post last week I still trying to catch up to post them up by this week oke..

Last 2 weeks I got my right hand cut severely...until I have to take the tetanus jab...I literally cut my fingernail (the middle one mind you) almost half !!!!!
I was in deep pain for almost a week, can even get a hold of things using my right hand.
Hence, many works that is schedule to be shipped last two weeks didnt get to do so...there was also not much updates lately...I wasnt able to type using the keyboard only one hand too.
I am terribly sorry because of the delay caused...it was an accident I couldnt get away with.

Anything kindly sms me or email me will get back to you ASAP
One thing for sure...you will get you item just in time...just let me know if there is anything changes in the item or delivery add.

Yours truly,

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