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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My handmade Vintage rose ring + Ready Made Satin Ring : Order from Syuhada

Morning Thursday and here to the many pending updates coming right after this hehe

I am fatigue
I am soulless
I am...well hungry at times.
I miss my luncheon on most days...
Tired physically and mentally....

All because of this one project I handled at the firm !!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

** enough melodrama**

Here is the wonderfully made vintage rose ring.
It is a big ring since it is quite trending now right? 
This is suitable for the bride, the bridesmaid or just about anyone that loves big handy made ring.
The ring base too is a bit special compared to the usual adjustable ring.
This can be adjusted so nicely  without having that pain because you tighten the ring.

I dont tell so much about the satin ring coz it is ready-made (which means I take the supply from 3rd party)
So I order the satin ring when there is a request of more than 10units in total from all clients.

 My fav ring of all coz i made and design it myself...so no copy-cat oke..truly my idea =)
If you can see clearly the ring base comes in black metallic and bronze metallic colour.

 3pc of satin ring and 3 pc of my handmade vintage rose ring =) 

 The close ups on the items....you can order any colourr you want =) 

This is how it looks like when you are wearing it...pretty vintage and so handmade right?

Feel free to browse more on the fabric ring at the label on your right side 
(Categories Column)

Stay tune for more pending updates~ comes in 5 separate installments hehe
Cheerios !

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