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Monday, June 4, 2012

Open for Orders !

As-salam and greetings to all lovelies !
Yes, as you can see I am opening orders for weddings on the date mentioned below . How ever unlike before I usually take 3 guestbook per weekend....but now I have to cut it down to 1 unit guestbook per weekend only since I am working and need to focus on my problematic thesis draft tooo huh !

So below is the date...sapa cepat dia dpt oke ( make full payment I mean)

6th July - Wan Farah
7th/ 8th July -  Leen
Puasa Month - No order except for order made before the month of July.

22nd/24th - Hasniyati  + Lya + Intan
31st Aug - Khairunnisa
8/9th - Ayu
15th/16th - Siti zalena
28th - Nadya + Amira + Nurul Ain

Order/Items will be delivered One month before wedding date IF order is made now.
Since I am doing all the handmade alone + all of them are customized order so I have to take my time and do it carefully...coz I am my own quality control hehehe

SO email me now and make your bookings !!
First come and pay first serve basis..

If you see the names above and clashed with your dates just email me and I see if I can slot in yours oke.
Hurry and grab my handmade from the heart oke...
Cheerios !!!

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