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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shutter Card : Order from Norfadhillah =)

As-salam w.b.t and Hello darlings,
A sunday late night updates...this week manages to pull a few guestbooks, a set of sunshine rosettes and a shutter card. Will upload it one by one oke...

This weekend alone is pretty hectic coz yesterday (Saturday) the whole day I was there at seberang perai to attend a short course sponsored by my company on construction management. Overall the seminar was pretty inspiring and fruitful...so it was really worth attending **FUH glad.

Anyway..here is a nother shutter card for darling fadhillah.

Description of Shutter Card

size : 16cm x 12cm 
comes with matching envelope.
2 sheets/4 pages inside
Front cover deco
With photos attached (5pc 3R cut into shapes)
Theme: Anniversary 

 The front cover with card occasion's title and how it looks like when tied.

 Untied the twines....

 Her first and 2nd page deco...she wanted me to write something beautiful...hehe hope she likes it.

 her 3rd and 4th pages.

 Ideal for table deco at the office especially or bedroom side table deco....definitely...worth it!

How it looks like when flatten out (above) and stand alone..I used a pretty thick board so it can hold firmly.
When I designed I always make sure that the items is long lasting....if not long enough before it will be torn out to pieces by termites hehe....

Email me and you would be surprised to see the outcome made only with papers!!!
** see contact for details.

And stay tuned for more updates in these few days !!!!!

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