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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunshine Rosettes : Order open - Limited Japanese Fabric.

As-salam w.b.t and greeting to all lovelies and handsomes heheh

I am happy coz today I am able to update a few pending items..mostly on fabric fabrique .
I am gonna update this one first coz this material is pretty limited...and absolutely beautiful for outing wear.
So having said that, this material is only open for personal order not for wedding favors oke..
I have only like 1m for both fabric : Vintage Rose and Dark Purple plaid .
You can wear this sunshine brooch for your shawls or as gifts to your girlfriends/relatives.

A stylish brooch for all occasions especially if you love trying out something new.
Lets take a look at the completed samples I've made for you !!

You can choose the center piece between buttons or crystals all selling at the same price !!!

 Two samples for Vintage rose and 2 samples with buttons for Dark Purple Plaid.

 The Vintage rose fabric with pink crystals...I am so in love..mmg betul2 cantik oke...Infact I have one for myself tooooo ngeeee You can match this fabric brooch with wooden button/gold button too.

 2 samples of Dark Purple Plaid with wooden buttons.Surprisingly...my mum loves this one heheh 
Very retro and modern...giving this fun/casual look when outing.

 The front and back view

These 2 brooch already booked by me and my mum heheh 

Dont WORRY still have more for you....so hurry oke I only have 1m per fabric.
Email me for more =) 
** see contact for details**

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