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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birthday Promo Revelead 1 : Order from Zakiah Hanum

As-salam and greetings from me to all lovely ladies.. =) 
Miss me and my updates? hheheh
Since last 3 weeks been a lil packed with company's activity and events.. FYI I just came back from Annual Events by PAM called Archidex/DATUM.
It was a fruitful trip coz this is the first time ever I went with a company fully sponsored from head to toe oke..Alhamdullillah...In actual fact, I've been to this event several times before but this is the 1st with my company.

So dont fret big babies...coz I have a few updates coming for this week alone. Lets start with this update from my client who purchased the Birthday Promo.
I can personally tell those who purchased this promo is totally lucky coz it comes with a complete set of a guestbook + a mini signage + 7pc of rosettes ready to be worn by your family members =) 

I still have 2 units left for this promo so after you look at this testimonial and updates on this promo, if you seem to be interested in purchasing it hurry email me oke coz I only left 2 units for you.
After the 10th person/bride-to-be I'll have to close the promo =)

Jom tengok order from Zakiah (my returned customer =)) thanks for support babe!!)

Birthday Promo Descriptions
1 unit A5 handmade guestbook with 100sheets/200pages empty paper 80gsm
1 unit A5 size mini signage with photo
1 unit of Box + wrap
 1 unit mini Stand for signage
7pc of sunshine rosettes with tags

Her first welcoming speech =) 
the colour mmg padan dgn deco =) 
ready to be delivered =)

Mini Signage Description 
A5 size board with decoration
With photo attached/included
Comes with wood stand
 Theme colour : Silver + Purple in pastel 

Her assorted sunshine rosettes

7pc with tags and wordings customed by the client =)

All of ther order in one complete set....

not forgetting her box and wrap =) just for you !!

Email me for more !! ** see contact for details yea**
There you go...
** mmg rugi sapa tak grab this promo hehehe =P **


lynda said...
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Anum said...

Thanks.. i really like so much

farahD said...

Anum thanks so much for support oke =)

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