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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Short Notice : Update on order + will be away

As-salam and greetings to all sayangs!
This is a short announcement since a few things unexpectedly came up..
I was sad to inform you that I'll not be doing any delivery until Wednesday (3/10/12) coz I'll be away to visit my aunt who was diagnosed for breast cancer...
Am heading to seremban to have a short visit and stay with her...
Orders and delivery will resume after that....
Will keep you update from time to time...
As for emails, I will try to reply all my emails when I have the time and access....
FYI order for October and November is full....
so if you intend to have your order please please make advance booking yea...
I am actually open order for Dec and January wedding !
So sorrry for any inconvenience that may have caused you =(
Please email me or sms me incase of emergency matter.
Have e nice weekend !!!

Wedding Board/Signage : Exclusively by Peony Romance Wedding Planner

As-salam and greetings dearest all,
Today gonna update a few signages (a big one) and a candy label tags I designed exclusively for dearesrt Jolyn from Peony Romance Wedding Planner.
She actually ordered 2 units of A3 size signage/wedding board and 10pc of candy labels for her candy bar area.
This project was indeed a valuable experience for me coz this is my first time collaborating with a wedding planner. She has indeed gave full co-operation and input, but though we have some hiccups at the earlier stage, that doesnt stop us from delivering our work in the best way.
So lets wait no more...I'll present to you both of her signages in sequence.
Welcoming Wedding Board/Signage Description
A3 size ( double A4 size) board with decoration
Without photo attached
Comes with wood stand
Theme colour : pastel pink and peach

beautiful isnt it?

Candy Bar Wedding Board/Signage Description
A3 size ( double A4 size) board with decoration
Without photo attached
Comes with wood stand
Theme colour : vibrant colours


I am sure all guest would be so delighted to have candy in their hands =)

Label /Tag Description
Size : 9cm x 4.5cm
Material : Kraft paper (or any other thick paper) with printed words.
Can come with or without stand.
This Label is perfect for birthday wraps and also tags for candy bars/buffet corner...

You can simply use it for present tags or door gift tags/ labels =)

 This is my stand. Pretty strong to stand alone on its own..

 Cute isnt it? It is so irresistable =)

Adorable I must say...
And all of her order =)
Email me for more =)

p/s please please make your bookings in advance oke...I have to turn down your orders if given a last minute notice. =(

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Candy Label : Exclusively made for Peony Romance Wedding Planner

As-salam and greetings to all lovelies !
How's Weekend?
 Mine is as usual pretty hectic, with my sis brthday celebration and a friend coming over (which is at the wrong time) and another order to be completed...my thesis drafts..oh my..
I am totally running out of time !!!
Anyway today gonna present my first ever candy label/tag for  wedding candy buffer or candy bar. It took me sometime since the client (Peony Romance Wedding Planner) wanted to have some 3D effect candy label..But as you all know, candy labels can be pretty small to actually have suct effect..
At last ! Alhamdulillah....I managed to come up with this one..In fact I have a few options selling at different price per label, from simple to complicated one.
So feel free to browse through the samples I did for this client. My client's items will be reviewed later this week yea...this is just to promote my candy label/tags.
Label /Tag : Option 1 : Simple Design
Size : 9cm x 4.5cm
Material : Kraft paper (or any other thick paper) with printed words.
Can come with or without stand.

Label /Tag : Option 2 : Design with Ribbon
Size : 9cm x 4.5cm
Material : Kraft paper (or any other thick paper) with printed words and ribbons
Can come with or without stand.

Label /Tag : Option 3 : Design with 3D effect
Size : 9cm x 4.5cm
Material : Kraft paper (or any other thick paper) with printed words and some 3d design of flowers or other ready made embellishments
Can come with or without stand.

The look of the stand (Optional)
FYI the above design can actually be used for any occasions...doesnt necessarily has to be wedding, it can be used for birthday present tags or just about anything...all you need is the creaitvity to invent hehe
I can also design using other types of material/ design yea..Above is the samples showing different categories of decor...
Email me for more !!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Album : Order from Aisha Ruslan

As-salam w.b.t and greeting to all pretties and handsomes !
How have you been? Anything interesting this week?

So today I am gonna update on a photo album....I think it has been awhile since my last update on custom-made photo album...all updates recently more on guestbooks and weddings favors. Today I have 2 guestbook orders to update together with this photo album.

This order is from a regular client of mine, Aisha Ruslan.
I can tell that this girl is so patient with me and so co-operative. She ordered sometime ago but only now I can deliver. Thats is why in terms of handmade policy, any bookings has to be made in advance incase anything urgent happened. Plus this is a one man show..so you cant really force a human working like a machine (though I tried hehe)

Enough that crap lets go straight to the update.

This one photo album is special and is indeed a very good quality...I ordered from the supplier 3 units...so 1 is taken by Aisha and I have another 2 slots for any of you who are interested.
After this I am not sure whether I am able to remake this album coz it is totally depending on the supply from the supplier. IF it is not produce anymore that I guess these 3 is the first and the last collection I will be making =)

The album is totally like a scrapbook. You can 100% customized it.So if you ordered from me.you will be getting not just the book but also I can custom-made for you.

Lets take a look at the album before I design for Aisha !

 Photo Album Description
Size :  20cm x 27cm ( quite big album with good quality cover and kraft papers inside)
material : black and kraft  (brown) papers
pages : 10 pages individual decorate
Comes with box and wrap....
theme : Wonderland....

 The album has very thick cover and comes with black and brown paper which can be placed alternately or you can use either one of the papers..

 The ring binding suitable for scrapbook concept album since we use a lot of embellishments in the design,,,

 The corner of the book itself is so unique =)

Lets take a look at each page design :
 (was arranged according to the page no )

The concept of the album is like story telling to the  world about penang...=)

All of the scrapbook layout from page 1-10 totally handmade oke  =)

Ready to be delivered..her box and wrap =)

Interested ?
I have 2 units left /available for custom made with the exact type of album (maybe with different deco) 
Email me for moreeee

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Calling up for order : 24hrs promo Hurry !!


As-salam and greetings to all lovelies !!
Hoping I can get well soon...with family matters etc..but still I have the obligations to do to this artwork so without delay (after few pendings/hiccups)
I have a surprised promo just for DECEMBER/JANUARY brides !!
A promo which includes :
1 unit A5 handmade guestbook with 100sheets/200pages empty paper 80gsm
1 unit A5 size mini signage with /without photo
1 unit Stand for signage
1pc men's pin for the groom + 1pc sunshie rosettes for the bride

A few samples from previous clients =)
A package selling at only RM220
definitely worth purchase
Open for only 24hrs....for 3 brides only =)
Full name :
Delivery Add:
H/P no :
Payment bank : Cimbclicks or maybank2u
Wedding date:
Solemnization date:
Bride and groom's full name + nicknames:
Theme colour:
Sample of guestbook you like : give client's name or photo link
Sample of mini signage you like : give client's name or photo link

and email me all your details with email title :
24hr Surprise Promo at scrapaperclip@gmail.com
** I have the right to change or refuse any order/ promotion if deem necessary**
So Hurry !!!!
Make your bookings coz the Promo will end tomorrow at 6PM !!!
Terms & conditions :
** first come first serve basis with full payment
***Only for December or January Brides ( not applicable for Oct or Nov brides)

Guestbook + Mini Signage : Order from Nadia

As-salam and greetings !!
It's Friday yeay !!! But unfortunately I still have unfinished business.... =(
Anyway gonna update this order from my dearest client....
A set of guestbook + mini signage together with a box and wrap =)
Jom tengok !
Guestbook Description
A5 size handmade guestbook with black linen fabric hardcover + 100sheets/200pages of 80gsm empty white paper.
Personalized inside layout with my design : type Questionnaire
Front cover decoration
First page welcoming words from bride and groom
Theme colour : baby blue and red
 Her front cover deco....with her initials of N and H

 A few close-ups =) beautiful matching right heheh
 Her first page welcoming speech  =)
 and her inside layout type questionnaire printed on both sides...
Mini Signage Description for Guestbook Corner
A5 size board with decoration
With photo attached
Comes with wood stand
Theme colour : pastel blue and red
 A signage worth purchase ...definitely a must buy coz you can frame the item after used.

 used a lil bit of netting or tule = ) to give that sense of wedding and exclusiveness

 I am so in love with the colour combinations ....totally pastel.
 the whole set included with the wood stand for signage.
 All wrap up nicely since she purchase box and wrap so I gave a very nice boox together with some wrapper inside all in for delivery.
The make up after all set in the box...I wrapped it with beautiful ribbon together with my handmade rose tags....(which is also open for order : see label tag:)
Thanks for all the support and I am so sorry for the hiccups yea...
Email me for more !!
Have a nice weekend ahead !!!

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