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Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Promo Revealed 4 : Order from Azhie

As-salam and greetings darlings !
Alhamdulillah..I am still alive and kicking heheh despite all the commotion last week..though some issue still persist but at the moment I am able to breathe in and out for a lil while especially for this few updates I'm gonna make for today and in fact the whole week.
Gonna reveled first another 4th installation updates for Birthday Promo package.
This order is from Azhie...and I'm telling that I am using different colour scheme than usual since her wedding consist of blue.
What is best about my design is that :
All the items are purely handmade (unless stated otherwise) from the book to the deco at front cover...so this is truly a handmade guestbook....
My guestbook can be designed to suit what ever purpose you want for example if you wanna make it an album or a sketch book or even personal notebook, it can be done.
and if yoy have that extra penny in pockets I can customized the inside layout for you with some fresh designs for wedding themes..
Without delay lets take another look at :
this order from her !
Birthday Promo Descriptions
1 unit A5 handmade guestbook with 100sheets/200pages empty paper 80gsm
1 unit A5 size mini signage with photo
1 unit of Box + wrap
1 unit mini Stand for signage
Free :
7pc of sunshine rosettes with tags

Her first welcoming speech
Mini Signage Description
A5 size board with decoration
Without photo attached/included
Comes with wood stand
Theme colour : pastel blue + purple

 The butterfly is so cute and adorable....

Her completed guestbook Set....so BEAUTIFUL OKE hehe


Her assorted sunshine rosettes - pastel blue with pink crystal
7pc with tags and wordings customed by the client =)

All of her order in the package !!
See contact for details and please, please fill in the details needed yea.
Cheerios !


Nor Aini said...

salam. sy da emel na order. tapi takde respon. camne na order ?

farahD said...

Dear tlg check ur comment kat blog you ek..hehe thanks! sbb i tak dpt pun email dr u

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