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Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Album : Order from Aisha Ruslan

As-salam w.b.t and greeting to all pretties and handsomes !
How have you been? Anything interesting this week?

So today I am gonna update on a photo album....I think it has been awhile since my last update on custom-made photo album...all updates recently more on guestbooks and weddings favors. Today I have 2 guestbook orders to update together with this photo album.

This order is from a regular client of mine, Aisha Ruslan.
I can tell that this girl is so patient with me and so co-operative. She ordered sometime ago but only now I can deliver. Thats is why in terms of handmade policy, any bookings has to be made in advance incase anything urgent happened. Plus this is a one man show..so you cant really force a human working like a machine (though I tried hehe)

Enough that crap lets go straight to the update.

This one photo album is special and is indeed a very good quality...I ordered from the supplier 3 units...so 1 is taken by Aisha and I have another 2 slots for any of you who are interested.
After this I am not sure whether I am able to remake this album coz it is totally depending on the supply from the supplier. IF it is not produce anymore that I guess these 3 is the first and the last collection I will be making =)

The album is totally like a scrapbook. You can 100% customized it.So if you ordered from me.you will be getting not just the book but also I can custom-made for you.

Lets take a look at the album before I design for Aisha !

 Photo Album Description
Size :  20cm x 27cm ( quite big album with good quality cover and kraft papers inside)
material : black and kraft  (brown) papers
pages : 10 pages individual decorate
Comes with box and wrap....
theme : Wonderland....

 The album has very thick cover and comes with black and brown paper which can be placed alternately or you can use either one of the papers..

 The ring binding suitable for scrapbook concept album since we use a lot of embellishments in the design,,,

 The corner of the book itself is so unique =)

Lets take a look at each page design :
 (was arranged according to the page no )

The concept of the album is like story telling to the  world about penang...=)

All of the scrapbook layout from page 1-10 totally handmade oke  =)

Ready to be delivered..her box and wrap =)

Interested ?
I have 2 units left /available for custom made with the exact type of album (maybe with different deco) 
Email me for moreeee

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