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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birthday Handmade Pop-up card : Order from Atiqah Muizz

As-salam and greetings...
My 3rd updates for today is a handmade card from her to him.
It is infact 3rd Atiqah muizz order from me...so I am truly honoured to be given such opportunity.
I did for her something special where the design look simple yet exclusive but on the inside full of words and messages she wants to convey to her soon-to-be husband...more down to earth style with a lil bit of fun characters.
Plus this is in fact a pop-up card in love shape...It's been a hot cake some time ago but now I hardly make them due to guestbook orders that has pretty much occupy my time in making cards =)
So lets take a look at this card :
Birthday card from bride to be to her soon-to-be husband =)
Size : 17.5cm x 13.5cm
Material : thick card of 220gsm
Landscape Folded Card.
Comes with matching envelope
Theme : My heart in the garden 

 The pop up love I was talking about....

Sweet like candy right? simple yet full of message on the inside...
So I really hope she likes it =)

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