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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Guestbook + Mini Signage : Order from Mohammad hafiz

As-salam w.b.t and greetings !

Wow. I finished 4 sets of guestbook ( guestbook + 1 signage/set) in just one night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been so so so extremely busy.
On second thought almost giving up my handmade work since I can afford to juggle 2 things at one time. 
But Allah SWT given me some strength so I passed through with some courage and made it through the night, Alhamdulillah....

A lil note before I move on to the weekend update...I will slow down my order intake starting May onwards and will be closing order temporary from the month of July till Oct due to personal business I need to attend to. However if Allah SWT permits me to juggle two things at one time I might open back order ASAP once I've settled my personal stuff..so it depends...please pray for me yea =) hope everything goes smoothly. (not the right time to tell exactly what is it, but I will in time dont worry yea)

So lets take a look at the order for the weekend. 
My personal favourite and I can tell that this is my first time doing only 2 tones of colours which is rare for my collections : White and pastel pink !

This order is from our male side so I am quite thrilled to do his hehehe =)
Hope you like it yea =) 

Jom tengok : 

A5 size Guestbook Description
A5size handmade guestbook with black linen fabric hardcover + 100sheets/200pages of 80gsm empty white paper.
Personalized inside layout with my design printed in black and white
Front cover decoration
First page welcoming words from bride and groom
Theme colour : white and pink !

 I love the softness of the colour..really inspiring..

 The free style printe layout in black and white.

 Mini Signage Description for Guestbook Corner
A5 size board with decoration
Without photo attached
Comes with wood stand
Theme colour : white and pastel pink =) 

I am so in-love with this colour scheme...gonna use more of white in the future =)

One of my favourite so far =) I really hope he likes it as much as I do..Congrats on your wedding !!!
Email me for more =)

Cheerios and Have a wonderful Monday blues hehe

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